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  1. jasonsewell

    1887, proof 7 coin set, jubilee head

    Got to say I quite like the look of the proof
  2. jasonsewell


    Just after some help, I've purchased a dutch cromwell crown Ex Willis, in the Willis catalogue it states "Ex H.Lowe Collection (Lot ?)." Only H. Lowe collection I could find was Spink Auction 7, though this was tokens of his only. Does anyone have any ideas or a copy of Manville?
  3. jasonsewell


    Thanks ever so much Rob, I couldn't find anything anywhere!
  4. Does anybody have this catalogue? Was interested to see if there was a Cromwell Dutch crown listed within. Much Appreciated.
  5. Couple of beauty's coming up at Heritage. Think they'll be a little out of reach for me... https://coins.ha.com/itm/great-britain/world-coins/proof-pr64-ngc-/p/3066-31009.s?ic4=ListView-Thumbnail-071515 https://coins.ha.com/itm/great-britain/world-coins/proof-pr64-ngc-/p/3066-31012.s?ic4=ListView-Thumbnail-071515
  6. jasonsewell

    Gold proofs

    Or estimate sorry.
  7. jasonsewell

    Gold proofs

    Maybe within reach 🤔 be interesting to see what kind of reserve Heritage put on them...
  8. jasonsewell

    Die squeeze’s

    interesting thanks for this Rob.
  9. Morning chaps, could anyone enlighten me on the purpose of lead die squeezes? Kind regards
  10. jasonsewell

    NGC Slabbing

    Does anyone have any suggestions for easiest way with PCGS?
  11. Afternoon chaps, I’ve attatched a link, it’s a page from Marmaduke Trattle Sale 1832. Would you interpret the lots following young to also have been bought by him? https://instagram.com/p/BhgkmZjlks_/
  12. jasonsewell

    Buyer identification

    Do you have any other English patterns under the name shaw in Tyssen, I’ve found someone with another named copy, just trying to identify this shaw..
  13. jasonsewell

    Buyer identification

    Yeah his was the Mead example, but unfortunatly it ends with Tyssen at the moment with the buyer being “shaw”. I’ve got two lines of provenance which I’m certain off just gaps at the moment..
  14. jasonsewell

    Buyer identification

    Thanks Rob, I’m certainly getting there, have identified it in a number of sales. Two pieces I know off. One beginning with earl of oxford and the other beginning it’s collecting life with Richard Mead. I know the one in the Marmaduke sale being described as “fine and rare” is most likely the latter piece.
  15. jasonsewell

    Buyer identification

    Thanks for the input Paddy, I did ask someone with the same catalogue and they have young as the buyer. Just wanted to query it to make certain.
  16. jasonsewell

    1937 £5

    The 87,93 and 37 are all very nice which makes them desirable but with the mintage numbers considered are well over priced now. I would like any of the coins from either sets though cant bring myself to spend what they fetch now. If people keep paying they'll keep climbing...
  17. sometimes grading better after conservation false economy.
  18. cer Certainly! Atlas seems to use Heritage alot (to source and to sell stock that's been sitting) Estimates on their lots always overly high. They seem to look after them. Like someone said previously, they seem to have a very wealthy budget.
  19. IMO it could almost be the exact same photo, with a few filters adjusted.. Hue etc
  20. Are you beginning to restock the Baldwin basement
  21. jasonsewell

    Spink Circular

    Thanks for this Rob, I am interested in the 78 SNC though let me see what I have left after invoice. Got a feeling its literally wiping me out again! It'll be next month if this is the case.
  22. Morning Chaps, Has anyone got a copy of SNC Feb 1978? I've just acquired 1821 PR HC from yesterdays Spink auction though in description states "Spink Numismatic Circular, February 1978, no. 1921 - £420 - 'Proof as issued in sets, rare, toned'" which I am guessing they've just got the wrong No. with no sets being produced this year? Would just be nice to get clarification if not just to correct it on my ticket i make. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. Jay
  23. jasonsewell

    Spink Circular

    or if someone can clarify they did produce sets of this year, just never seen an intact set in case.
  24. jasonsewell

    I’m new to the forum

    Welcome PlatinumSkies1, Great vids on youtube.