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  1. WildCamper

    Bar top ideas?

    Hello buddy hope all is well, sorry to hear about your uncle mate my thoughts are with you and your family. Been really busy lately with trying to get it finished and fixing cars, kids etc!! Haven't bought any coins for ages as it's been caineing my money ha ha. Will pop a few pics up tomorrow. Hope the show went well!! take care sonni
  2. WildCamper

    New to forum

    Yeah prep, come on tell us what happened!! Did you swap them for some old skool vinyls!!!
  3. WildCamper

    Hello all

    Hello David welcome, it's very good on here and if you ask you will learn lots, plenty of kind people to give you advise and support where needed!
  4. WildCamper

    New to forum

    Lucky you mate, sounds like your getting into it!!!!! Enjoy them?
  5. WildCamper

    Bar top ideas?

    I have a big field at the back of my house, they can earn there keep for a beer! Bar tops on, resin to do next!
  6. WildCamper


    Sounds like a plan that or we could just start fires in my garden whilst singing campfire songs drinking instead??
  7. WildCamper


    You certainly don't get the chance to do that everyday! Cool that!
  8. WildCamper

    Bar top ideas?

    Hacienda?! Never made it to Ibiza but lots of my mates been said it was on another level, glad you enjoyed it, music brings people together?
  9. WildCamper

    Bar top ideas?

    Ha ha this is great! Love it! I was born in Blackpool in 82 so I grew up in the 90's listing to all those, Mark E.G. Dreamcast, Helter Skelter, Zone, Sequins, Maxims, just wishing I was old enough to get into the Palace night club and Zone! Reach for the lasers Pete, you know you want too??
  10. WildCamper

    Bar top ideas?

    I'm sure we can get a few round, I was thinking someone a bit hotter than him, more like a Latino lovely lady instead ? Was going to put bar tops on last night but the kids infected me with the lurgey last few days and wasn't going to get a pass to do it if I wasn't at work?
  11. WildCamper

    Bar top ideas?

    1210's living the dream! Can we swap can I be you?!
  12. WildCamper

    Bar top ideas?

    They can go in the snug! Dart board on other wall? I really need a mortal Kombat arcade machine but that would be the gothic florin gone plus some more?
  13. WildCamper

    Bar top ideas?

    You certainly can Pete! Always a tipple welcome here? Can't wait to watch coin weekly on YouTube whilst enjoying a imperial stout, bliss!
  14. WildCamper

    Bar top ideas?

    Looks a bit naff at the minute but with bar top, lick of paint, furniture, fridges etc should be ok, hopefully!