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    URGENT help required. 1902 crown fake!??!

    This seller continues to sell of his " house clearance collection " William & Mary, queen anne half crowns the lot all going stupidly cheap £60 a piece. looked real to me dealers snapped them up straight away. Maybe i was just unlucky. a 1845 crown was purchased and turned out to be real too maybe the seller genuinely did not know the 1902 was a fake. still it put me off buying from him.
  2. youngsie21

    URGENT help required. 1902 crown fake!??!

    Full refund Received seller was apolgetic and sent me my money back straight away. He actually turned out to be legitimate with his story. i am as surprised as others. the 1845 crown looks fine he also sold a 1707 half crown queen anee which sold for £56 and a 1697 half crown along with a few others. Gutted about the 1902 i paid only £78 Turned out to be too good to be true.
  3. youngsie21

    URGENT help required. 1902 crown fake!??!

    The weight is bang on at 28.3 And the high points on the horses head made me beleive this was real. but after checking out the books and the date there's no recorord of a roman 1 1902 crown. I've messaged seller and asked for a full refund before he posts the coin out. thanks For the help all.
  4. youngsie21

    URGENT help required. 1902 crown fake!??!

    further photos follow on the below links. https://gyazo.com/4470526f4ad3e263b596d4bb61265161 https://gyazo.com/29026038a52ea3298510fbae50d6e99e
  5. hi all, Purchased a 1902 Crown Tonight on a private coin selling group on facebook. Seller was selling loads of coins which he claimed to of bought from a freind who does house clearances. Amongst the lotts where a 1845 crown and a 1902 crown i won the 1902 crown. after a huge bidding war with other memembers. From the poor photos he provided everything looked okay untill i asked for a few more photos. upon receiveing the photos alarm bells rang. Please check out the date on this coin. the 1 is a roman 1 and the 0 looks strange, keeping it under 500k i can only upload one photo.