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  1. Vickycoins

    1887 Crown Faults

    I wonder how many 'collectors' were/are aware of the differences? I will take a closer look at mine in due course and let you know the result. Thanks for responding members.
  2. Vickycoins

    1887 Crown Faults

    Thanks again Rob; your reply actually makes a lot of sense so published figures it is then, unless one day I get lucky I suppose. I appreciate your in-depth explanation, nice to get an appropriate and meaningful response! I have more questions about different coins so will be back as and when.
  3. Vickycoins

    1887 Crown Faults

    Wow, really! That does surprise me Rob so based on your comment how does one determine any sort of value for the 1887 Crown as described?
  4. Vickycoins

    1887 Crown Faults

    Hi members. I came across your site whilst researching the 1887 Crown faults. Does anybody have a list of what they actually are? In my case I have several coins in really good nick, but what surprised me is the possible variations of this coin. I don't get much time to get the glass out to see what I have in my collection, but today I happened to pick out one of the 1887 crowns and note the top of the 8 missing, the right side bottom serif of the 1 missing, bottom serif of D in D:G: missing, the trailing plume appears to have six lines, the milled edge is still quite sharp, the coin is in EF or probably better weighing 28 grms. Any comment will be appreciated