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    Well obviously British coins. Classic cars (mainly Triumph and other BL masterpieces of the 70s). Heavy old rock music from prog to metal (Pink Floyd, Sabbath, Zep, Rammstein etc etc). I still fancy Kylie Minogue.

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  1. There will be a Kindle version in the next few weeks (and of the new decimal book).
  2. Chris Perkins

    Minting Of New £1 Coin

    The variety is often called a 'leftie' as the milled section when you look under the hologram with the Queen' side facing you is usually to the right of the hologram. On lefties it's obviously on the left and there are actually some where the point is slightly milled (like a middly :S). It is certainly not a 50/50 thing like with the writing orientation on £2 coins and is no doubt due to the collar/dies not being fitted 'properly' although I think the RM have stated that there is no wrong or right way, so it's just an interesting variant. Here's my page which has more info: https://www.checkyourchange.co.uk/the-six-new-1-coin-varieties/ They seem fairly common for 2016 and less so for later years.
  3. Chris Perkins

    Newbie Looking For Advice.

    Firstly, condition is everything. Coins of most dates are very common in normal used condition and tend to be very low value. The best book to gauge condition is this one: https://www.coinpublications.com/product/the-standard-guide-to-grading-british-coins/ And a book for values is this one: https://www.coinpublications.com/product/collectors-coins-gb-2018-1760-1970/ (both also available on Amazon). It is a lot to take on at first!
  4. Chris Perkins

    Hello Everyone

    Actually, that's a little bit of a security hole that I've just fixed! Guests were able to start topics within the technical support area and were allowed to reply to stuff elsewhere. Guests can no longer post anywhere and for the last couple of months I manually approve every new member. I did not approve Andeson because his email address looked odd and his IP is from Bangladesh, which is more well known for its spamming bots than it is for collectors of British coins!
  5. Actually my new theory on the coppery coloured 20p's (they seem to occur a lot more for the 20p than any other current denomination) is improper annealing causing the atoms to migrate. First proposed in the USA by Mr Diamond, who really knows error coins. More info here: http://www.error-ref.com/improper-annealing/ These days the RM also charge £20 to look at coins, so no longer worth doing for minor things like this.
  6. Chris Perkins

    Bugs at the moment

    Oh look, it's all new and has all new bells and whistles. It was a bit fiddly but I got there in the end. Hope there are no issues now.
  7. Chris Perkins

    Bugs at the moment

    Note that some may experience bugs on the forum for the next day or so. I am trying to update and old version of the software to the latest version but only got as far as updating the server PHP version today, which may cause (and in fact already has caused) problems for some depending on browser and so many other factors these days. Sorry about that. It'll be worth it in the end!
  8. Chris Perkins

    Market stall - Barnstaple and South Molton

    This all seems to have gone a bit non-coin.
  9. Chris Perkins

    1900 penny 9 over gap

    Where did that come from Zookeeperz? Peckris is sound as a pound and really does know his stuff.
  10. Chris Perkins

    Album for coin storage

    Thanks! Yes, those and the coin ID cards are pretty much all I do now in the way of accessories.
  11. Chris Perkins

    Album for coin storage

    I don't actually anymore Rob! It was a lot of work for low financial rewards. I tend to recommend Andy at http://www.coingallery.co.uk/
  12. Chris Perkins

    More Pennies

    Peter, stop winding people up. Just ignore him PWA.
  13. I'm not sure if I can delete that as it's like a viewable message between you and PWA 1967. Says it's a status update. I would have thought there should be a way for you to delete/change it.



      Hi Chris I just cannot find a way to delete it the other day. I now cannot find it at all. This is driving me mad now. I would have thought admin would be able to delete it. If you can find it again perhaps you can send a link so perhaps I may be able to delete it from my end. It seems that on most posts you only have a window of an hour to edit the post unfortunately by limiting the edit of a post can cause problems with situations like this. On most of the forums I have been on allow editing at any time. Only my opinion on this matter, it would be better if you could edit posts as and when instead of limiting this process.

      Regards Mick

      PS Hope you can help 

  14. Chris Perkins

    2018 Pre-decimal and decimal books

    The Kindle version has been known to have alignment issues. In the printed version it is clearer (and the £30 is properly under Fine), but it is possible that a tab is missing there too. I will make sure they are moved over and adjusted next time.