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    Very pleased, nay delighted with this absolutely immaculate 1825 in toned a/UNC.
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    Bought an unusual penny on Ebay recently which had a re-entered G in D:G:, rotated noticeably.
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    It being the first I've spotted for sale in 40+ years, and having been missed by the seller (though surely bloody obvious?), I'm very pleased to have acquired this C over L 1673 farthing. Although I have read fewer than ten are known I have seen two only, those being the Colin Cooke coin and Joe Lee's, both of which are inferior to this one which I'd grade as a solid good fine. There are no online records of any other examples, be that sales or in collections. I also checked through my old farthing catalogues and found no examples listed for sale, or even as a recognised variety, at any point throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Fifty quid. Bargain.
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    With the purchase of an 1806 gilt copper proof from LCA last weekend, I've now got all three 1806 proofs from the KP31 die - Peck 1325, 1326 &1327, gilt, bronzed copper & copper. Whilst I've no intention of even attempting to become a major SOHO proof specialist collector (a lifetime's work, pretty much), it's always good to get a few proofs, and these were easy to recognise because of the incomplete 0 and no base serif to 1.
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    Picked this up about three weeks ago but I was away so didn't actually have it in hand until a couple of days ago:
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    Very pleased to have obtained this problem free William IV 1837 penny in about EF. Scarcest date of the few William IV pennies, and very difficult to get in high grade.
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    Just had this arrive- I wasn't sure it was when I bought it- bad picture , but it was very cheap....
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    Delighted to have bought this slabbed 1806 copper proof - KP31, Peck 1327. It didn't sell at the recent LCA, so got it post auction at the lower reserve amount. Originally Lot No 1803.
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    I spend most of my collecting time in local markets - I have a stall selling coins and as a result have bags of coins brought to me regularly. My experience is probably at the low end of the market, but I find much more positive. I sell lots to new collectors who are far more interested in the attractiveness of the coin and its history, not some remotely attributed "grade". Today I stalled out at a local car boot sale. I spent the best part of 3 hours talking about and selling coins to enthusiastic new collectors without once getting into a debate about "grade". To me, this is what coin collecting should be about. The top end of the market is dominated by "investors" and collectors with more money than interest in real coins. I will stick with grass roots thank you.
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    Members of this Forum may be interested in a link to a PDF of the following article in the British Numismatic Journal (BNJ) which has just been released from the usual 3 year embargo for BNS members only. Another that focuses on Early Obverse Beaded Border Pennies of 1860 is below it: Paul M. Holland, The 1860 Bronze Recoinage of Pennies BNJ vol. 88 (2018), 149-174. https://www.britnumsoc.org/images/PDFs/BNJ_2018/09_Holland_1853_3rd.pdf All other BNJ articles published from 1903-2018 are available at the British Numismatic Society’s website: http://www.britnumsoc.org/ Also, membership is encouraged by special student and new member rates, with all members receiving a large (A4 format) archival quality hardbound journal annually. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2022! InforaPenny
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    Six years it has taken me ,i have looked at a lot and bought a few in that time. Finally even though i have stopped collecting i have bought a mint one ( due to knowing how hard they are to find ) of which the photos in plastic do not do the coin justice.
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    Just arrived - 1918-KN. A nice addition to my George V penny set
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    Much like many Ebay sellers.................
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    I think the penny is nice, uncirculated but pretty ordinary otherwise, let’s generously say £200 worth. The slab, however, is very rare, you don’t see many MS67 1934 penny slabs and it must be worth at least £1200 to a dedicated slab collector, unless NGC decide to produce some more. Jerry 🙄
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    Ah, Fat Freddy's Cat... My favourite: