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    Over the last few months I have been recording my collection. Shortly before leaving my previous employer I had put my entire collection under the inspection microscope and photographed them. Although the resolutuion is great the end results have been mixed in that the colours have come out understated and many of the proofs show a flat field where it should be mirrored. Another problem has been that some coins have taken a purple ting which I believe is a fault on the file saving process. Anyway I was made redundent so I'm unable to repeat any of the picture. Anyway for what it's worth here it is. https://onedrive.live.com/?id=943941AD323D5647!135&cid=943941AD323D5647
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    Although I'm spent up after Christmas, I really felt that with two recent price reductions to 71% of the original asking price, I just had to get this 1919KN penny from Lee at Colin Cooke, so cracked open a savings account to get it. Very pleased. It's GEF both sides in my opinion, although Lee described it as a/UNC. In hand it's actually still got that UNC sheen though, with the merest trace of lustre remaining in the obverse devices. It's a fairly good strike, with only very faint ghosting to the reverse, and some moderate hair detail. There are a couple of very minor edge knocks at about 2 O' Clock and 4 O' Clock on the reverse. Also what looks like a die crack extending from about 12 O' Clock on the obverse, South South East across the King's head to the top of the ear. That apart it's completely issue free. Unusually for a KN it seems to have toned dark. Or at any rate would have toned properly dark had it remained in circulation.
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    Very pleased with the 1902 LT (lot 1285) I won at the LCA. True, I did pay over the usual odds for it. But well worth it in my view, as it's about as close to flawless as it's possible to get for a currency strike of that age.
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    Another Ebay purchase I am pleased with arrived yesterday, surprised there were not more bidders as got it for £70. Nice F18, not advertised as such and much better than most, fairly worn dies as usual but little wear and a nice tone. Jerry
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    Another gap filled in my Edward VII Sixpence date run. Only need to find a 1902 proof to complete this series.
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    Another type box ticked. 1887 Jubilee Head Half Sovereign, CGS 80. The pictures don't do it justice.
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    1851 sixpence graded MS64. Acquired at Heritage last Thursday as an upgrade to my existing example.
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    Also pleased with this 1904 penny I got from David Craddock. It's not the easiest date to get in tip top condition. Uncirculated with 95% lustre - ever so lightly toning. Unfortunately, evidence of a fingerprint on the reverse, and there is a small carbon spot on the obverse. Think I've finally resolved the colour disparity.
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    This is what an Edward matt proof penny looks like...
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    My win on the DNW auction today. Not a rare or exceptional penny but it fills a monarch gap and I'm pleased with the condition!
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    Had the urge to buy something and so even a George V florin would do.
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    Halfcrown arrived, trying to get the right angle to show how nice this looks
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    What goes round comes round. This one was brought to me today at the market as a gift from a chap I had helped assess his collection of modern silver crowns. (He couldn't work out which were silver and which were not.) Anyway, a pretty nice 1908 Penny - I believe 2+D, F166 so not scarce but nice as a freebie!
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    OK, it's not that funny, but was worth buying.......
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    This covers a few things for me Penny denomination Anglesey Hancock as diesinker, though he is associated with 29 designs in the commercial token coinage I figured it would be useful to have at least one of each of the Hancock and Wilson druid obverses Parys Mine Company as manufacturer Fat piece of copper.
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    Newbie (farthing) - last two Is in IIII struck over II
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    1909 F169 The one that went unsold in the last LCA.
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    A nice coin from Rob at the weekend. So: (a) it's got good provenance in Nicholson and (b) after that, it lived in a considered halfpenny collection as the example for the type Context. They are the sorts of things that scream out pull the trigger, even when there are other nice / needed things available - aside from rarity I think this qualifies as about the best metric for prioritising purchases.
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    Both not the highest grade but fill gaps and nice to look at for now:
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    Pleased to say, got one of them at least, a F175. Not the most scintillating looking specimen in the world, as a bit dirty in places. But about GEF with residual lustre. Managed to get it for just £50 flat from David Craddock. Actually, there's a bit of a back story behind this as I'd e mailed David to ask for the 175 and two others off his list. Then in the meantime I discovered that Pete @PWA 1967 had also asked to buy the 175, ahead of my request. As I'd not heard anything back from David, I decided to call him to confirm whether the other two coins were still available. It was then - incredibly - that he told me that he'd already packed up all three coins ready to send to me. It turned out that he'd bought two F175's at York Coin Fair last month. So Pete's got one, and I've got the other.
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    Well yeah as it's the oldest coin I've found so far. Been detecting a month so give me time to get some beauties
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    Did anybody here spot this F32 at auction a week before Xmas? Sold as 1861 penny, but somebody else noticed it as it hammered at a grand, £1280 with costs, so not cheap but as nice an example as I've seen for sale in recent years despite a few marks. As usual the reverse F is weak, must have been a very worn die. Another for your list, Richard. Jerry