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    Over the last few months I have been recording my collection. Shortly before leaving my previous employer I had put my entire collection under the inspection microscope and photographed them. Although the resolutuion is great the end results have been mixed in that the colours have come out understated and many of the proofs show a flat field where it should be mirrored. Another problem has been that some coins have taken a purple ting which I believe is a fault on the file saving process. Anyway I was made redundent so I'm unable to repeat any of the picture. Anyway for what it's worth here it is. https://onedrive.live.com/?id=943941AD323D5647!135&cid=943941AD323D5647
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    Although I'm spent up after Christmas, I really felt that with two recent price reductions to 71% of the original asking price, I just had to get this 1919KN penny from Lee at Colin Cooke, so cracked open a savings account to get it. Very pleased. It's GEF both sides in my opinion, although Lee described it as a/UNC. In hand it's actually still got that UNC sheen though, with the merest trace of lustre remaining in the obverse devices. It's a fairly good strike, with only very faint ghosting to the reverse, and some moderate hair detail. There are a couple of very minor edge knocks at about 2 O' Clock and 4 O' Clock on the reverse. Also what looks like a die crack extending from about 12 O' Clock on the obverse, South South East across the King's head to the top of the ear. That apart it's completely issue free. Unusually for a KN it seems to have toned dark. Or at any rate would have toned properly dark had it remained in circulation.
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    Another Ebay purchase I am pleased with arrived yesterday, surprised there were not more bidders as got it for £70. Nice F18, not advertised as such and much better than most, fairly worn dies as usual but little wear and a nice tone. Jerry
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    My 1879 narrow date penny from the recent DNW auction has arrived. I'd estimate at GEF with some residual lustre. Really pleased, as this particular variety is extremely difficult to get in high grade, but not too scarce in grades up to VF. Bit like the 1864.
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    My birthday present to myself. Well, you've got to!
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    After 8 plus years, i think I've gone as far as I can, for the time being, on the 1860 to 1901 series of pennies. I still have some very obvious gaps, but the rarer pieces are very difficult to come by, so my acquisitions from this series have slowed to a trickle. As a result I've branched out to the pennies of George V. Most of these are relatively easy to obtain in UNC at much lower prices than the bun series, but there are some rare ones, or at any rate, rare in high grade. The KN's are among the few in that era which have an exceptionally steep price/grade differential. I'm therefore very pleased to have obtained this 1918KN, which, unusually for any pennies of that WW1 era, has an exceptionally good strike, with very good hair detail on the King's head. There is a tiny metal flaw between Britannia's arm and the trident, and the tiniest blemish to the right of the trident, neither of which detract. But that apart it's issue free and has noticeable residual lustre and nice even toning.
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    Another type gap filled: 1886 Sixpence
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    1823 Half Crown DNW auction win - my pics
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    Had the urge to buy something and so even a George V florin would do.
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    Halfcrown arrived, trying to get the right angle to show how nice this looks
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    What goes round comes round. This one was brought to me today at the market as a gift from a chap I had helped assess his collection of modern silver crowns. (He couldn't work out which were silver and which were not.) Anyway, a pretty nice 1908 Penny - I believe 2+D, F166 so not scarce but nice as a freebie!
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    after speaking with Rob i decided to buy this Edward IV Rose Noble S1951
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    1909 F169 The one that went unsold in the last LCA.
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    This is the coin that @Paddy drew our attention to a week or two back. He was selling it on e bay, and I was the only bidder. Just received today. It may be a common date, but this is no common representation of it. UNC, a truly superb strike, great hair detail, totally flawless and with immaculate toning. I initially though that the obverse was EF, but in hand, I'm half inclined to think that what appears at first glance to be wear at the highest points is in fact residual lustre. But either way, it's still a truly outstanding specimen, and amazing value at only £19.95. Thanks Paddy from a very satisfied customer (apologies, again, I've got that colour variation)
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    Got a nice 1862 F39A last week. Fantastic condition but cleaned - pity but it was cheap.
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    My latest purchase. Looks even better in hand and starting to tone.
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    Really pleased with the 1870 penny I just bought off e bay as an upgrade to my current one. An UNC choice example, with residual lustre and nice toning. The original listing is here and these are my photos:-
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    Two newbies over the weekend, seller's pics for now 1723 shilling upgrade
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    Well the near BU 1891 I bought from an e bayer in Norway has arrived. Absolute bargain, and apart from a very slight blemish on the reverse near the trident, and three negligible spots on the obverse, it's perfect. BU, but the lustre has slightly toned to a really deep orange. Despite all the hassle with paypal a few days ago, I'm really pleased. I know the 1891 is common, but scarcer in this condition:-
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    I managed to get this nice coin, and it filled a gap too.