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    I have to own up to buying the F112 at LCA a few days ago. The new bathroom has been put on ice and the atmosphere at home is a touch frosty. Your sympathy would be appreciated.
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    Another gap filled in my Edward VII Sixpence date run. Only need to find a 1902 proof to complete this series.
  3. 10 points
    Quite pleased with this 1860 Farthing - Dies 1 and A I believe, so F496 - which came to me amongst a group of coppers at the market yesterday. A great upgrade for me.
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    Thought I'd share this as it's not a bad one mostly, but has the interesting die clash -- (and if you think it's something else that caused this let me know so I can update my notes!! 😆)
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    Another type box ticked. 1887 Jubilee Head Half Sovereign, CGS 80. The pictures don't do it justice.
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    Meant to post this a few days ago. It's my F160 now freed from its MS64 slab, photographed and suitably cropped. It's much the scarcer of the two 1905 types and I've been trying to get a decent one for some time.
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    A couple of newbies: 1898 Shilling courtesy of Rob 1818 Crown
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    Had a brew with Pete and came away with this.. not bad at all 😎
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    As I've said before on here I don't often buy coins these days but will, once in a blue moon, spend an idle hour or so grubbing about on Ebay. It would seem there are still occasional bargains to be had as I've just bought this. BIN £1.50, and with free postage.
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    Upgraded my EF 1878 penny to a more decent specimen
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  14. 8 points
    Not much happening on here lately 🙂 Another recent upgrade that probably most people dont want or look for although i think they are scarce due to only being another dot / flaw and looking at a lot of 1922 pennies to try and find them. The only one i have seen that sold at auction was in the Workman sale. 1922 DOT and again like the 1909 DOT in the updated Freeman.
  15. 8 points
    The Freeman 8 mule I won at the LCA arrived today. Very pleased. OK, nowhere near the best available, but problem free and another really rare coin that doesn't come up for sale very often.
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    Been sorting through some of my old photos from the Falklands and scanning some of them in. I rather liked this one - an old wreck hull being used partially as a storage warehouse by the locals:
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    OK, it's not that funny, but was worth buying.......
  21. 8 points
    This covers a few things for me Penny denomination Anglesey Hancock as diesinker, though he is associated with 29 designs in the commercial token coinage I figured it would be useful to have at least one of each of the Hancock and Wilson druid obverses Parys Mine Company as manufacturer Fat piece of copper.
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    Newbie (farthing) - last two Is in IIII struck over II
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    Something a little odd from me this week. Found in a bag of misc coins, a threehalfpence token for the City Arms, Wells. 24mm diameter and weighs 4.45g. Edwin Henry Joseph was the landlord from 1869 until made bankrupt in May 1870, and one can't help thinking that the token is not unconnected with his cash-flow issues. The pub has an oblique personal connection in that my aunt had a sweet shop (now a Chinese take-away) virtually opposite, but also used to manage the pub on occasion. I will always remember seeing a massive ancient wooden copy (several feet square) of the City's coat of arms which came from the pub when it was renovated. The pub was the city's former jail, which remains intact on the premises, and it is not impossible that particular object may have dated from this time. And for anyone wondering, for a kid to go on holiday to a sweet shop was always something you looked forward to. It's a small world.
  24. 7 points
    One with really good provenance 🙂
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