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    F111, 2/1. Its a very pretty coin. Jerry
  2. 10 points
    No hesitation in posting this 1841 colon after REG. Superb coin, a/UNC with lustre, and a great strike.
  3. 8 points
    A big thank you to everyone in the NHS and spa medica after my sucessful eye cateract operation which means fantasticly inproved sight . While I am not prepared to say I will never need glasses again , it is a posibility.. I strongly suspect cateract operations might be subject to charges as there are so many people getting them now Many colours are much enhanced and I am sure in a week or to my coins will be as well .
  4. 8 points
    Another type ticked off for me, I took a bit of a punt on this one but I'm more than happy!
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  6. 8 points
    My latest coin. A common enough date but an upgrade. I included the PCGS picture as it is better than mine and reflects the coin well.
  7. 8 points
    Very pleased with this 1918H penny. It's clearly not UNC, but takes pride of place in my collection, for the simple reason that it's an unusually sharp strike for a 1918H, which even "UNC" with full lustre, are often very poor strikes, with all the attributes of a worn coin. This one has a good breastplate and also reasonable hair detail.
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    Cartoon strip from the Daily Mirror, 1919:-
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    Farewell to our long lived and longest reigning monarch. I'm no Royalist, far from it, but I had great respect for the Queen and her enormous achievement of public service. It's rather bizarre that in all my many decades of life, I've never known another monarch, yet now I must get used to King Charles. I will miss her in a strange way, as a level-headed and even-handed ruler, who nevertheless is known to have had a great sense of humour. Her smile gave that away. I don't what else to say. Words are not enough.
  13. 7 points
    I was lucky enough to pick this one up on the Bay , unattributed as an F763 [ Gouby A1+B ] [ Bulging Eyes ] . Its the same as Example 2 On Richards site . I know Its a little battered, but so hard to find in any condition. I also note that both the Reverses on the Gouby A1+B and the A+B are different in that the date width on the A1+B is wider.
  14. 7 points
    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265841392709?hash=item3de561bc45:g:HHAAAOSwOrhjAVAo&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA0JmbdRBqvEE03gFKuuAXnzr%2Fzy86%2Bl%2FmiLsc%2FkqqOx5iHOVfkky%2BrnWThWT%2BfTUxQx5tSaKaQ0dVZwt0zngDWRX%2FTc3cKxlpCfiB7GUmNLm8ym0DQtjMyW90PyB%2F5s3AW%2BIvX5%2BBLJObRdHN50SzB28LXc4UL3XehxKiIZALXXZggwBxNFt%2Fl%2F3xVuf2ot31umLPcOIrdcPFgb0f9YDmXhoUSsUKEtWSfPIODjBKDyPh4fhAcJYbute1ll7eC58rkWzg2qtiluMg3j8oi1jQOOA%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR87kwfvXYA "As Struck" by what ? An asteroid ?
  15. 7 points
    HOW TO HAGGLE (Burt appears. He is very big.) Burt: Yeah? Harry: This bloke won't haggle. Burt: (looking around) Where are the guards? Brian: Oh, all right ... I mean do we have to ... Harry: Now I want twenty for that ... Brian: I gave you twenty. Harry: Now are you telling me that's not worth twenty shekels? Brian: No. Harry: Feel the quality, that's none of yer goat. Brian: Oh ... I'll give you nineteen then. Harry: No, no. Do it properly. Brian: What? Harry: Haggle properly. This isn't worth nineteen. Brian: You just said it was worth twenty. Harry: Burt!! Brian: I'll give you ten. Harry: That's more like it. (outraged) Ten!? Are you trying to insult me? Me? With a poor dying grandmother...Ten!?! Brian: Eleven. Harry: Now you're getting it. Eleven!?! Did I hear you right? Eleven? This cost me twelve. You want to ruin me? Brian: Seventeen. Harry: Seventeen! Brian: Eighteen? Harry: No, no, no. You go to fourteen now. Brian: Fourteen. Harry: Fourteen, are you joking? Brian: That's what you told me to say. (Harry registers total despair.) Tell me what to say. Please. Harry: Offer me fourteen. Brian: I'll give you fourteen. Harry: (to onlookers) He's offering me fourteen for this! Brian: Fifteen. Harry: Seventeen. My last word. I won't take a penny less, or strike me dead. Brian: Sixteen. Harry: Done. (He grasps Brian's hand and shakes it.) Nice to do business with you. Tell you what, I'll throw in this as well. (He gives Brian a gourd.) Brian: I don't want it, but thanks. Harry: Burt! Burt: (reappearing rapidly) Yes? Brian: All right! All right!! Thank you. Harry: Where's the sixteen then? Brian: I already gave you twenty. Harry: Oh yes ... that's four I owe you then. (starts looking for change) Brian: It's all right, it doesn't matter.
  16. 7 points
    Increasingly liking this one, my best example of a George II young head roses halfcrown type
  17. 7 points
    been dabbling on and off, not bought much recenly, and forgot about the site for a long time, found plenty of exciting things, not bought much in the past 12 months (few edward Ist), have been going through variants or my pennies, and decided to see if I could tick a few off, was looking for 1908s... and found a 8 coin worn penny lot on ebay.... and landed this instead
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    no one expects the Super Imposition!!
  20. 6 points
    For Monday..........(with apologies for the F word. I would have said buzz off or clear off)
  21. 6 points
    Received it today. Would grade about fine. I was slightly concerned that it might be a large rose, large date specimen, as so many times the two (large and small date) are confused. But I needn't have worried. It's the real deal. The bulbous end of the date 5 top bar is slightly worn, but still there under magnification. Plus the other indicators are in place, such as the die crack through the 5, some die clash marks off Britannia's right arm, and the colon being closer to the F of DEF. Apologies for picture size disparity. I had this sorted, but the solution no longer works, unfortunately.
  22. 6 points
    My new circulation 1953 2+A farthing arrived. It's been a very long time since I added a new farthing to my collection, that's for sure. Many thanks again to @PWA 1967 for pointing me in the direction of this one.
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    Haven't posted anything for nearly a year, so a few odds and sods added to the collection. Bought a couple of tokens from Patrick Deane's sale recently. A 1797 Wroxham marl pit 3d.
  25. 6 points
    In order to complete my date run of sterling silver George V halfcrowns, I have got a presentable rather than a high grade example of the 1913.