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    Domestic relations are an all-time low despite a gushing Valentine's card yesterday. The new bathroom budget has been blown again on Hiram Brown's F76. I'm in raptures about it but the other half is unimpressed.
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    Latest Viccy YH sixpence acquisition
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    Quite pleased with this 1860 Farthing - Dies 1 and A I believe, so F496 - which came to me amongst a group of coppers at the market yesterday. A great upgrade for me.
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    And this a short while ago. Ticks the B initial mark box
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    Sums things up in my town.......
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    But just very occasionally a fully struck up 1915, with good hair detail, that isn't a recessed ear, will show up:-
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    Just brought this sixpence as a type example.
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    Meant to post this a few days ago. It's my F160 now freed from its MS64 slab, photographed and suitably cropped. It's much the scarcer of the two 1905 types and I've been trying to get a decent one for some time.
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    A couple of newbies: 1898 Shilling courtesy of Rob 1818 Crown
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    I don't know if its of any interest, but i came across this pattern 1894 penny the other day , and wondered just how iv'e managed to miss it in all my years of collecting , it is after all listed in Freemans on page 233 Plate xiv Pic. B terrible picture though. It looks to be the same reverse as the 2mm 1895 but has an unusual looking boat on the right. http://www.coinfactswiki.com/wiki/Great_Britain_1894_penny_KM-790
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    Added to my sixpence collection.
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    And another new shilling, progressing my type collection
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    Latest arrival 1875 Die 75 sixpence
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    Upgraded my EF 1878 penny to a more decent specimen
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    Not much happening on here lately 🙂 Another recent upgrade that probably most people dont want or look for although i think they are scarce due to only being another dot / flaw and looking at a lot of 1922 pennies to try and find them. The only one i have seen that sold at auction was in the Workman sale. 1922 DOT and again like the 1909 DOT in the updated Freeman.