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    The 2022 50p coin as reported in the Express. I quite like the simplicity of the design at first sight.
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    I have just listed on eBay a few more pennies including a relatively good Freeman 69 and a very worn, but useful filler, Freeman 76 which members might find interesting... https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/m.html?item=284552412594&hash=item4240a53db2%3Ag%3Ab44AAOSwRephqPIj&_ssn=1970kit&_sop=10 The F.76 is very seldom seen, and although it is well gone, it genuinely is an example which might fill a gap!! Cheers!
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    Indicating perhaps that you often aren't...... hopefully not a favourite expression in the coin selling community!! 🙄
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    In addition to the 1854 PT above, I've now managed to obtain an 1854 OT at below book price, also in UNC with considerable lustre. Really pleased. Keeping my original scruffier 1854 OT though, as the colon dots after DEF are very close together.
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    Yep. I sold a pump to Hungary and there's about 6 or 700 quid involved. Three years ago ago I sold a similar item to the same business and there wasn't an issue - hence my willingness to offer the same payment route. However, after this I can safely say I won't be looking to help others over myself, so it will be bank transfer only. The fundamental problem with Paypal is that all lines of communication are directed to the waste bin. Until you get to a position where you can take a problem to the ombudsman (and bear in mind you have to give the other party 3 months to sort it out after giving notice of intention to refer), all communications are ignored in the hope you will go away. Last time, I sent a courtesy email to notify them I had sent off the file to the ombudsman in the absence of any meaningful discussion or resolution and for the first time in just over 50 emails I had a phone call (international) within 10 minutes accusing me of not trying to resolve the issue. I pointed out that reading just a handful of the emails would show I had tried. 10 minutes after that I had a second call indicating my money had been transferred (to the same 'dodgy' account of mine that had been blocked for over 6 months), and they also wished to make an ex-gratia payment (because if the ombudsman has to investigate, they incur a charge of a few hundred pounds whatever the outcome). i.e. they had done absolutely nothing in the interim to identify the 'problem', whatever it was. The sad thing is that all I wanted was a functioning payments system with the ability to resolve issues as and when they arose. Attached is what the compensation bought.
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    The Rees-Mogg Rule: "Anything that can be blamed on Brexit, or anything at all really, should be".
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    I agree. 'Literally' has become one of those redundant words which 9 times out of 10 can simply be removed without altering the intended meaning. Another verbal villain is 'awesome', and sadly I've now almost become inured to 'absolutely' as an alternative for 'yes'. As four spell cheques, eye agree that their ewes is kneaded.
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    So, that's literally amazing, simply uniquely fantastic. Not wanting to split hairs (or hares, as the case may be). I also find certain egregious misuse of the language to be abhorrent, especially when presented by "professionals". What has happened to pride in presentation. I have seen errors in syntax, spelling, etc. in newspapers, on television, and other mainstream venues. Too many to list. Possibly it's merely that everyone has become an expert with that assumption supported by the use of spell checkers, grammar checkers, research done on the internet. After all, we are well aware that computers don't make mistakes, and that anything published on the internet should be taken as gospel.
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    That's literally insane.
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    Of course, I'm not actually hopping mad but this hasn't stopped the word "literally" from becoming the latest word to enter the populist vocabulary like a tornado. Just listen to anyone on the TV or radio and they'll slip the word into every sentence that has a verb in it. People literally don't understand when to use the word. It has become the only adverb available, just as "amazing" has become the only adjective to expressive some degree of value. Zoe Ball is the current record holder for frequency of use of the word "amazing".
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    These coins don't grow on trees you know.
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    Sadly, I think the 90 year old and I would have very similar standards and vocabulary ......................
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    I almost forgot - there is something massive that annoys me. Can you see what it is yet?
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    just noticed Peck mentioned my personal favourite, “awesome”.
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    Unforeseen problem this morning. I tried to post a catalogue to Germany. Wrong! In their wisdom, Deutsche Post include paper and wood pulp products which includes printed matter on their list of banned substances, so the post office won't accept it. By logical extension, this must therefore include letters and Christmas cards. It's bonkers. And they accuse the UK of being isolationist........ Banned items Paper and paperboard; articles of paper pulp, of paper or of paperboard Printed books, newspapers, pictures and other products of the printing industry; manuscripts, typescripts and plans
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    Ridiculous that Brexit should affect private post, either way.
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    My thoughts too. As Peck posted, there are issues related to covid, but it did cross my mind that they might be trying to eliminate anything liable to a potential customs charge by forcing people to use a courier as it saves them money if they don't have to process liable items, and they do have DPD to divert imports to. The list of banned items encompasses just about everything, but clearly they can't ban letters as a postal service. I guess we will have to wait and see if it persists once the covid issues have gone away.
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    They were dated to about AD610 - the same period as the Sutton Hoo ship burial in Suffolk. Ten coins were found by a serving police officer who tried to sell them and was jailed for 16 months. The precise location of such finds were usually kept secret to protect a landowner's property. OMG bent copper
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    Ah, do tell about the last!
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    Most are a bit cheaper than Paypal, but there isn't much between any of them. Paypal however are less conventional when acting as a banker, being prone to holding on to your money at their discretion. Some of you may remember I fell out with PP in 2007 and received compensation when I took the case to the ombudsman for that reason. Wind the clock forward 14 years and it seems not much has changed. To make things easier for an international customer a couple weeks ago, I said he could use the wife's account to transfer the money (as he had done 3 years ago) rather than set up a bank transfer. Paypal are now holding the money indefinitely until they are satisfied it is legitimate. How they propose to do this is not explained. I can feel another Soho pattern coming on. I've never had a problem with a credit card payment. If only for that reason, people could consider prioritising payment by card over Paypal because there more people to consider than just the buyer.
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    Update: NONE. LOL No more 2002 Jamaica (Jammy) sets to show up. More importantly, no 1984 FM Jamaica specimen uncirculated sets to show. Please see other posting on my 1984 FM Trinidad specimen set just gotten last week.
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    Yes - likely to be a forgery. Getting the wrong design for a date was common amongst the forgeries. A picture would confirm it.