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    Whilst not in the same league as the last couple of pennies, I was nevertheless quite pleased to obtain this 1903 open date. It's only GF, but is much better the the VG example I've currently got. Was well worth the upgrade as it is very difficult to obtain any 1903 open 3, above a well worn VG. Although I am aware there's a very nice GVF specimen out there.
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    My recent St James purchase just landed, pleased to say the import duty cost less than the import duty I paid on a £19 calendar at Christmas last year, that cost me €10 whereas the duty on a £400 coin cost €7.96
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    Here are up to date pics of the 1877 F90 penny from a 'deceased estate lot' in Sydney, Australia. Not a thing of great beauty, but in fact better than most so far on Richards site (I make it 6th best, probably...) Jerry
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    And I thought he was the lead singer in Jethro tull
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    Result: sold! not!
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    While on the topic of pennies purchased from Australia, I got this one last year, a rather nice F77. I have noted that there appear to be two F77 reverse g dies , with different date spacing, 11 teeth (this coin, and my other) , and 12 teeth as per the pic taken from a LCA example. Jerry
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    In its way, that's almost as good as the F90. You hardly ever see an F77 on offer, and that one's surely got to be in the top 3 known.
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    I reckon the sub text of that Richard, is that they don't know what to say, and don't want to admit they've messed up, even though they must know they have. These days, for whatever reason, sorry seems to be the hardest word for almost all organisations. They will literally make excuses for the totally indefensible, or stick their fingers in their ears. As you rightly point out, their reputation will take a hit, not the least because you will be very far from the only one complaining. The lack of any response is just plain ignorant.
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    I’ve no idea, I’ve never brought any through British customs as yet.
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    Keep us posted. I sent them a number of points mentioning that I did not have the patience to do an exhaustive system test for them and never received an acknowledgement or reply despite requesting a response. Their reputation will go straight down the drain.
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    I appreciated the look and feel of their old site and Mike, you’re spot on about the search. This site is a step backwards, all pretty wishy washy to me. I dont like it at all.
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    I see. By the way, I always don't like the way they are showing their pictures now in archive pages. Once the picture is opened, i cannot switch to other sites or pictures for easy comparison.
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    Another thing I've noticed is that there is no search facility on their new site. Or if there is it's bloody well hidden. The search on the old site was actually quite good.
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    Good, if they can sell this, more and more of the same must be offered by them in near future.
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    That I have, Ian. I've not forgotten - and thanks again.
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    But you've already got a nice one Mike!
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    Very nice - hard to find in a lustrous state.
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    Is there any chance there’s an ‘affordable’ 1817 pattern crown? I’ve found that this sold for $80,000 in 2019 so I already know the answer. And holy smokes, this pattern crown originally came from Pistrucci’s collection!
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    I just don't understand what is going on with the new ESC. Someone has left a review about the stupidity of having two different "7th editions". https://www.amazon.co.uk/English-Silver-Coinage-Maurice-Bull/product-reviews/1912667495/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_show_all_btm?ie=UTF8&reviewerType=all_reviews Why would Spink want to do that in the first place? Strangely, the Spink website only has the apparently abridged "Gothic Crown" version. If having the two different versions was an error, then surely Spink would now be selling the full version only.
  21. 1 point
    Aha. It appears there are TWO types of 7th edition. One with Cromwell on the cover has supposedly 672 pages and a provenance section that either has or lists sources of pictures for scarcer types. The other (that I got) and more generally available has the Gothic Crown on the cover and has only 597 pages with no provenances. Crap, I wanted the more complete edition; I have NOT been able to find a different Library of Congress number...
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    BTW, an 1980 Bahamas $2 uncirculated in the "Birds" holder from the FM World Birds Collection (or some such name) just sold on ebay for USD 57 plus shipping and tax. That was IMHO a very good buy for a coin of mintage 75 pcs. Mine is not in a holder....
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    I agree with the definition. It certainly seems reasonable to presume all post mint changes are graffiti. But how to know if it is post mint? I think that requires judgment based on whatever evidence we can glean. So I will keep an eye out for any further evidence as to whether the marking up practice was common in the Royal Mint. Here is another that seems to be “marked up” with a score line horizontally through the horse.
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    Thanks. That is right. ESC lists it as 3357 R5. I also have a 1853 proof groat muled with the forth young head 3d obverse (attached). As these young head obverses did not appear until the late 1860’s and 70’s respectively, presumably the coins were some kind of restrike / hanky panky by the mint. That is why I wonder if the lines reflect some deliberate scoring by the mint - some kind of lining up muled parts as they experiment to create a new Frankenstein? The legend on the reverse of the 1862 is all over the place - with the U back to front!
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    May as well hang a rarity around your neck if you’re going to! I’ve always had an old E1 sixpence on leather cord around mine…lost 2 along the way though! I often think of the pool attendant in Greece who’ll likely have stumbled across one of them!