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    It’s washable, that will probably get rid of the bits. I hope so, I’ve been waiting for ages for my £1.30 offer, which came today. I will be very upset if my subsequent expenditure of £3.05 doesn’t match my massively raised expectations. I also see there is an offer on Brasso....... Jerry
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    I note our great leader, Brother Veritas, has now adopted Trump's ridiculously elongated necktie look. Takes pounds off, apparently, and 'Let me be very clear about this.' in no way makes you look a total div.
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    Trump’s still got the edge
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    Possibly, but as with 'tiny hands' Trump, it's more likely a lame device for hiding the lack of, erm, substantial trouser profile….
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    I've offered to swap a unicorn for it.
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    Courtesy of mother natures showroom, eh? I'm going for a vegetable patch provenance.
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    Having a wee look at upgrading a couple of my Cuni 2 bobs and came across this bargain . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1956-GREAT-BRITAIN-TWO-2-SHILLINGS-UNC-BEAUTIFUL-BOLD-COLOR-TONED-GEM-BU-SS/184297691968?hash=item2ae8ff9b40:g:3RsAAOSwqnFew0
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    William II type 5 of Romney. GOLD ON RIIMNE. ex Lawrence, Roth, Drabble & Lockett It came with a ticket that noted ex Stacks 1969, but wasn't in either of the two sales that year listed as having world silver - Illinois (16/5/1969) and Emmons (19/9/1969). If anyone has any other Stacks lists or catalogues for 1969, could they please do me a favour and check as this coin was unique until a second was dug up just over 20 years ago, so any reference as per the above description will be to this coin. Thanks.
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    Dave, Surely that's a term that a Bishop could also use, however only a numismatist might use the term 'reverse' when alluding to the backside of the actress.
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    Surely, it was 'great bust.'
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    said the numismatist to the actress
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    Looks like the canon ball has blasted through the rim and hit the lighthouse on this one!
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    There will be a Kindle version in the next few weeks (and of the new decimal book).
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    I can't believe Ghislaine Maxwell killed herself next week.
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    Had this fall out of a cheap lot- it's actually got the most lustre of any half crown I've ever had! Obverse is weak, but the reverse is really pleasing.
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    Now managed to do one of the above as a you tube link. Will try next getting a longer video.
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    Not quiet ebay but facebook does chuck up the odd bargain. Less so now but 2 to 3 years back they did appear fairly often. This was one of my best buys off there via an auction.
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    Adulterous desires being compared to false coining, whatever next? - a false coyner in natures mint. Who'd have thought our humble coins conjured up so much sexual imagery in bygone days. Love it.
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    First bit is easy as it is the Peck coin which had been languishing in the dungeon since the Noble sale in 1973 - see below. It was listed on eBay within a couple days of the Baldwin sale in May 2006 as a BIN for £800, he having paid £360 hammer for it. I finally bought it in August. It came from a seller that always had bids on his coins (including this one) from a couple of dodgy bidders (tee2459 & matthews9289) with a combined feedback of 1. It transpired that he lived three miles up the road. Small world.
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    So- if someone sells a coin to himself, doesn't he pay Ebay for the privilege?
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    How is it possible to get a feedback higher than 100% ???
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