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    I don't usually have anything of interest to show but I was quite pleased to discover this, amongst some eBay tat, at the weekend.
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    Such a great spell of weather- I cleaned the shed out, cleaned the greenhouse out, and got my overwintering area sorted. Pint glass for scale. Nearly gave myself a hernia lifting those pots..:)
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    I'm pleased that I prompted you. And a bargain too. You'll be searching for a Gouby X next then?😎
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    Here's an 1854/3 which I bought on ebay for £7.50 in 2008. I sold it to Andy Scott in 2014, and presume it was sold as part of his collection through Spinks, think 2015........but I don't know where it went. I owned this piece before I had a digital microscope, so pictures of 4/3 in date are not great. However, if you stare at the overdate you can see the 3 appear from underneath, including the tip of the middle bar poking out at the right hand side of the inner part of the 4.........not often seen.
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    For comparison. Found this on dix noonan website. https://www.numisbids.com/n.php?p=lot&sid=3272&lot=445
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    I have an original copy of Montagu's 1893 book, and I'm sorry to say that he makes not mention of date types for 1839 to 1860 copper pennies. Best Regards, InforaPenny
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    Yes, that damn 1984 specimen set was grabbed immediately as I signed on within 10 minutes and it was GONE! The less rare 1984 Jamaica proof set is scarce but that seller is crazy on his prices and I do not buy from him. I once tried to even up trade one of my Barbados rarities straight across for a much more common Panama Balboa, and he wouldn't do that either... I do believe this sale of the 2002 proof set will go through as it is indicated as having shipped. I know it is an UGLY design, but it is quite scarce (Royal Mint will not give information but I believe less than 50 sets) and so was delighted to apparently get it - not counting chickens until hatched.
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    I've got some racing geese for sale. Let me know if you want a quick gander.
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    I took these photos in a museum. It is really difficult to see how they can be identical busts. The hair detail is so much finer on the later bust. But it is not easy to discard information which came from the Mint.
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    The 1911 proofs are often very nicely toned, due, it is thought by many, to the materials in the box the set came in. Discussed and shown before, but here's mine - I think it's truly beautiful
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    I've always thought the WW1 silver medal had a well struck obverse portrait of the king. I realize it's not a coin but it gives an idea on how a well struck coin should look like. Interestingly several million of these medals were issued and I haven't seen a bad one yet.
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    1887 Sixpence ESC3267 JEB on truncation, would like better but online prices don't seem to reflect aution realised prices very well.
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    And something more mundane - as it says on the label.
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    One more image just to show reverse die is the same, rather than duplicated die number as occasionally happens elsewhere in the series. All die and date digits identically positioned and spaced.
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    For what it's worth, I'm definitely in the younger collector bracket (mid-20s) and while I don't collect pennies by Freeman number in a box-ticking way, I like owning examples of some the scarcer die combinations, latest acquisition was a really choice 1915 recessed ear piece, and I've owned a few decent bun pennies in the past. I do think the sort of prices paid for some of the rare varieties in very low grades are unlikely to hold up in the long term, as in my experience younger collectors tend to be less interested in rarities for the sake of rarity and more interested in purchasing really high quality pieces. Having said that, if the US market got seriously interested in the British bronze set, you'd end up with people trying to complete registry sets (sigh) so I may well be wrong about this.
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    Well you say that, but scanning through facebook yesterday I came across a thread in the "British pre-decimal milled coin collectors(1649-1970)" private group, where someone in about their mid 20's was looking for a number of Victorian Freeman types, including the F20 & F25, which I was able to sell to him as I've bought upgrades since. That's just an example of a whole new cohort of young coin collectors on the internet, quite a few of them foreign, but most from the UK. I let them go for a modest price as it's very encouraging to see this surge in interest, and over the past year or so, I've noticed that the level of knowledge in such groups has become more in depth and sophisticated.
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    Oh, it was something to do with her female house mate and I asked if she may be a lesbian and never heard from her again. I was just making conversation, it wouldn't have bothered me. Nice pussy by the way. You do have a way with the ladies Chris. Are you gay?
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    Oh, it was something to do with her female house mate and I asked if she may be a lesbian and never heard from her again. I was just making conversation, it wouldn't have bothered me. Nice pussy by the way.
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    LOL I did a reply with the URL to Rowntree's site, but I withdrew it - I thought it shouldn't be the first reply.