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    Well I have just acquired this, which fits the criteria nicely. 1928 Cyprus 45 Piastre - same size as the British Crown:
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    Landed today. Latest for my Charles I halfcrown collection, 1644 Oxford, rare die pairing, Bull 617/6
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    So great seeing the different opinions on the 1882 no H penny . Surely what these forums were created for . ***** Five stars everyone
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    I would say that it is possibly a reverse F. The deep cut fabric hanging down to the left of Britannia's foot, looks very much like reverse F. The picture is crap unfortunately. I don't think that I would have risked £300 on it though ! I and ten other bidders bid for what appeared to be an 1862 8/6 a few years ago. I won it for £288. It turned out to be a stain on the coin !
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    Yes the forgery is mine, I have 2 of them with exactly the same mark on Georges temple, which is what first aroused my suspicions , so someone must think they are worth the effort.
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    I really wouldn’t bet on it being F32, despite comparable date alignment when the other major identifiers are not there. Even the tail of the plume is too fine imo. But if any member has bought it, I am happy to be proved wrong! (not as nice as mine anyway 😉). Jerry
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    Is that really an F32? Lighthouse looks pointy, and where’s the rock? Obverse is 6, with colon flaw, so not F21. it’s not F28 looking at the exergue. Not sure what’s going on there, must be missing something. And the bidding over £15 was driven entirely by two individuals. Jerry
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    It looks like someone at the auctioneers has got the tickets from several lots mixed up. Your lot of 5 coins is lot 44558 I believe. Also in that sale, potentially matching your tickets, are lot 44553 (Elizabeth shilling mm tun), lot 44561 (James I shilling 2nd bust mm thistle) and lot 44567 (Charles I Oxford sixpence). I can't see an Oxford half pound in the sale so that ticket remains a mystery. It seems a shame to discard the tickets as they should really belong with the coins to which they relate. And presumably, the tickets for your coins are now with the winners of these other lots. Or perhaps some completely different ones? Rather poor service from the auctioneers. I bet they wouldn't have made this type of mistake with US coins?
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    That's ok Good provenance too - Marshall 132. Next step back from there will be something pre-1944, that being the year he was killed in action, unless the family added it in the meantime.
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    I have taken a slight interest in Cypriot coins, I was born their. Be careful there are forgeries of these Crowns going around, yours looks ok Paddy see below an example the tell tale appears to be the "ding" on Georges temple.
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    This one from 'Sorry I haven't a clue', I always liked Humph's introductory remarks about the town where the quiz was held that evening. This is how he introduced Nottingham, "It's well documented in official records that the city's original name was `Snottingham' or `home of Snotts', but when the Normans came, they couldn't pronounce the initial letter `S', so decreed the town be called `Nottingham' or the `home of Notts'. It's easy to understand why this change was resisted so fiercely by the people of Scunthorpe."
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    That's a fairly serious mismatch of tickets and raises questions. Obviously they are completely unrelated to the coins, but the prices of the ticket items is not insignificant and certainly considerably higher than the coins seen. The half pound is a four figure coin. The halfcrown pictured is a three figure coin. The shilling is a regular Tower issue (not Aberystwyth), and as such a hundred or more in value depending on the condition of the reverse compared to an Oxford 6d that books at £250 in Fine and £800 in VF. Is there any indication on the other side of the tickets to say where they came from? Nobody with a bit of knowledge would match these tickets with these coins. Were the other 3 correct? Could you put up pictures of both sides please of all the tickets.
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    First thing I would do is find out the commission if any for sellers. Then I would look at their prices for similar coins in the past. That info will help you make a choice. I find both good but as a purchaser only. Jerry
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    Just recounted - both sides of the fake have 160 teeth.
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    Yes, they are very good likenesses but fortunately they have different numbers of border teeth. True 1933 - obverse 162 teeth, reverse 184 teeth Fake 1933 - obverse 160 teeth, reverse 159 teeth ( I did a quick count and must check these)
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    Yikes, that is a lot to bury in that one. I did not see this one up close, but not sure that it is up to the Gerald Jackson specimen (which I believe had been obtained from Spink at some point). I toyed with the idea of getting that specimen but in the end heard via the grapevine that there would be blood in the fight so to speak so contented myself with his excellent 1869....
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    Just received this Halfpenny as an upgrade - 1860 and I believe 1+A - F258. Interesting web of die cracks on the obverse:
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    That compares nicely to the one I got off Richard last year. 😊
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    It's on the same theme as that one of David Cameron:-
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    BIRCHALL, SAMUEL (of Leeds) c. 1761 - 1814 I hadn't seen this one already posted, so hopefully this isn't a repeat. This was from the recent DNW auction that had the BRITISH COINS FROM THE COLLECTION OF SAMUEL BIRCHALL OF LEEDS (1761-1814), which I thought was pretty neat seeing such an old collection become available. It is a 32mm ticket written in fountain pen ink. Not sure what the paper is, so I tried to also give a close up of the material.
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    I recall Savills forecasting in March a 21% increase in house prices by 2025. Their rationale seems to be that prices rise when there is growth, even when the growth occurs after a trough. Growth changes how people feel, and this feeling drives the market. I have a friend saving for a deposit for his first house, and he's so fed up since the market is accelerating away from him... Whether there is then a slump is crystal ball territory. I'm trying to buy something better at the moment, but at my age I ain't got time to hang around...!
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    She's a beautie, applies to everything in Somerset! Carburettors, marrows, barmaids, chainsaws, anything and everything! Got to love Avalon! At least her apples anyway!