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    Recently picked up this unofficial farthing token - W.B. Reeves of Birmingham, 1867 dated type (Withers 870). Not the nicest grade but tough to find.
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    I guess he has picked up on this as he's reporting nearly every single post in this thread pertaining to him.. I've disabled the 'Reporting' feature for Guest accounts, so we all stop receiving spam.
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    Just arrived - 1873 florin die 20
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    A little edge knock at 12 o'clock, but a tidy example
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    So after scrutinising this coin for months it seems I still got it wrong. The spot on the REV between the I and A is actually a small depression on the coin, it also looks to have been cleaned. The seller was selling as CH UNC but he forgot to take their label out of the flip which stated Fast (near) UNC. That wasn't the end of it's problems, the high points on the OBV I could see the wear, especially at the base of the bust, from their images above it didn't look that bad, but in hand it wasn't UNC, it came yesterday and emailed him within 15mins to tell him it was being returned. We live and learn
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    Me either and I have been on eBay 20 years. You learn something new every day😀.
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    Well b**ger me! I never realised that it worked for sellers . Thanks Paddy.
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    ...may be the face that's aged o'ernight no trace of pleasure at her shite may be the treasure or the price I pay eBay
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    I removed the capabilities for a Guest to make a report, I think he wasn't going to stop.. If someone wants to report something, I'm sure they wouldn't mind providing a bit of info!
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    I've managed to get a 164A - nice specimen. Although the 164A's are showing up in increasing numbers now, it's quite noticeable that they are nearly all sub fine. This one is about GF/NVF and issue free. Similar grade to Jon's earlier this year, but obviously not a patch on the one Terry posted about the end of 2017. That was superb.
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    Newbie, now 8 Kempson's Birmingham buildings left to collect ... This is now known as St Paul’s Church, and a spire has been added
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    Been stalking this for a while, finally pulled the trigger
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    Just bought a wee Florin (1886)
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    A new series started, Kempson Coventry half penny
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    Another Spence 'Oddfellows' token, bought today at the Malvern flea fair
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    She is the gift which keeps on giving.
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    One with really good provenance 🙂
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    Paid less than 1/4 of that for mine and it's nicer....Brum happy hunting.😎
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    Spink is still a price guide, not the definitive on what a price is. People still don't get that its the currency issue that was rare and not the proof. Even the RM played on the fact that there was a gold Kew in the recent gold 50p set, obeyers claiming the "rare gold kew" was in the set is pure spin. Its the unwitting that buy into this type of sheeeeeeet.
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    Dunno about Kew Gardens coins. Have you seen the entry cost to Kew gardens( GBP 16.50). Mt Cootha botanical Gardens here in Brisbane which are like the Kew glasshouse with no roof are free.