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    I still firmly believe in "Buy the book before the coin" but tonight half my reference library fell on my head. My wife says I've only got my shelf to blame.
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    From the Daily Mail this week: I saw on display in a Pet Shop an animal described as an "Amsterdam cat" so I went in and asked "how Dutch is that moggy in the window ?"
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    I confirm I don't know anything about farthings. 😀
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    Thanks Paddy! I was worrying that I had upset everyone 😂 and maybe those coin mats I recommended a while back were terrible after all 🤣 Appreciate the confirmation Paddy. All the best, Weaver (wayne)
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    I can't really say I know much more about farthings than anyone else, but based on the images on aboutfarthings.co.uk I would agree - obverse 1a and reverse Ab. (I saw this post before but assumed someone with more knowledge would chip in!)
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    I think you might have posted in the wrong tread ...
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    And another, this one a little better.
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    I agree Paddy. If Richard only knew how much assistance to us minnows he provides. I use Gouby and RICHARD the lion heart.