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    I hope this works - very amusing short video! https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AJ6cAJ1DJVsPyuE&cid=0A5780CDE40BB7B9&id=A5780CDE40BB7B9!54510&parId=root&o=OneUp
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    Both two's are blundered but I don't think it's an over punch. Looking at it closely (×40 magnification) I'm starting to think it might be an upside down 7 punch along with another to make up a 2. Possibly an altered 9 punch? I'm currently looking for the articles from TCSB to read up on
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    It's been very quiet on the token front for me lately so decided to splash out on the following.......Ottley's Kempson restrike in copper of the 'New Jerusalem Temple' Had my eye on it for awhile and just thought what the heck, why not!
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    Turn on switch one for 5 mins. Then turn off and turn on switch two. Then open door. The bulb which is hot and off is controlled by switch 1. The bulb which is on is switch 2. The bulb which is off and cold is switch 3. Or you can just look through the gap at the bottom of the door or the key hole.
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    Also this one from today's paper amused me:
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    It's a very rare fibre token from the early 20th century, the only other example I've ever seen was in Ernest Danson's collection (DNW 18 March 2015, lot 639 part). My understanding is that the "Kit Bag Club" was a WWI veteran's association, although I may be mistaken on this point. Easily worth £20 - 30, if not more.
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    This doesn't work. Pa7 will be followed by Ka7. Pb7 doesn't work either because b7 is occupied. I think. I am terrible at chess. I know how the bits move and not much more, but I like a puzzle and there weren't many pieces involved.
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    Yes, with the amendment that works. 1. Ra6, b7xa6, 2.b7 mate. (Black has no other legal move than b7xa6.)
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