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    Very pleased, nay delighted with this absolutely immaculate 1825 in toned a/UNC.
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    Members of this Forum may be interested in a link to a PDF of the following article in the British Numismatic Journal (BNJ) which has just been released from the usual 3 year embargo for BNS members only. Another that focuses on Early Obverse Beaded Border Pennies of 1860 is below it: Paul M. Holland, The 1860 Bronze Recoinage of Pennies BNJ vol. 88 (2018), 149-174. https://www.britnumsoc.org/images/PDFs/BNJ_2018/09_Holland_1853_3rd.pdf All other BNJ articles published from 1903-2018 are available at the British Numismatic Society’s website: http://www.britnumsoc.org/ Also, membership is encouraged by special student and new member rates, with all members receiving a large (A4 format) archival quality hardbound journal annually. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2022! InforaPenny
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    One i bought from Spink the other week not attributed with the Test strike 8 BP1880Af ,you dont see many in a decent grade and the best one i had before had been heavily cleaned.
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    To clarify: List price was £98 plus p&p, but the seller was offering a seasonal 10% discount on all coins so my total, for a very nice good fine Gouby X, was £91. And I still have the one I'd grade fine, also bought from eBay a couple of years ago, for £1.50 inc p&p.
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    spotted in manchester debenhams (RIP)
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    Throw another lentil into the stewpot mother for tonight we live like kings!
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    Browsing the internet the other evening. Came across a site called Fanbety Store. Revisited this evening and spotted a familiar 1861 half penny 7 + D, available to buy now, at a discounted price. The title and photos seem to have been lifted directly from the eBay listing through which I purchased it back in August last year. I've alerted Winter Coins, the original seller and felt that a warning would be useful here too.
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    My god what did they spend it all on ? Most folks of that era lived quite frugally as they lived through the war years - bet they had a lovely garden and nice holidays !! Exactly!! When we cleared the house, we found fifteen potato peelers in the kitchen!! I mean the utensils, not hired staff:-)
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    8 years ago now, so a bit late to take it up with them. Besides, I'm not one for whinging, and accept that it's my fault for not doing my homework properly. It's swings and roundabouts with coins. Some you do really well on, and others not so well.
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    Gratifole from the bottmoly heartage Blakey
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    Revolutions? Well, I’ve just had five pints with my bell-ringing buddies, so spinning a bit. Now home for cauliflower cheese and chips with the wife. Fantastic! Happy New Year to you all, Jerry
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    Much harder date to get in good grade than many think - you will have a problem upgradeing it.
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    Prototype model of Concorde. But the stone proved too heavy to take off.
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    Toothed coin ide say , definitely not beaded 🙂
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    The OP coin does appear to be a proof, at least to me. However, I quite agree with your statement. I believe the "case for proofiness" has to be proved before being accepted In the Vicky silver series (LOL) there are many exceptional business strikes that have very prooflike appearance but IMO are not. And Peck's point about 20th C. "VIP" proofs are correct as well - I see examples of such with the 1951 and 1953 crowns and other coins from the sets of these years. Also, many TPG slabbed Wreaths in "proof" are IMO not at all, and these have been sold through at auction fairly frequently (I have posted my opinion on some of these several times on these boards as well).
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    Best answer so far......
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    My latest acquisition. Probably not rare but interesting being .925 silver.
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