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    HOW TO HAGGLE (Burt appears. He is very big.) Burt: Yeah? Harry: This bloke won't haggle. Burt: (looking around) Where are the guards? Brian: Oh, all right ... I mean do we have to ... Harry: Now I want twenty for that ... Brian: I gave you twenty. Harry: Now are you telling me that's not worth twenty shekels? Brian: No. Harry: Feel the quality, that's none of yer goat. Brian: Oh ... I'll give you nineteen then. Harry: No, no. Do it properly. Brian: What? Harry: Haggle properly. This isn't worth nineteen. Brian: You just said it was worth twenty. Harry: Burt!! Brian: I'll give you ten. Harry: That's more like it. (outraged) Ten!? Are you trying to insult me? Me? With a poor dying grandmother...Ten!?! Brian: Eleven. Harry: Now you're getting it. Eleven!?! Did I hear you right? Eleven? This cost me twelve. You want to ruin me? Brian: Seventeen. Harry: Seventeen! Brian: Eighteen? Harry: No, no, no. You go to fourteen now. Brian: Fourteen. Harry: Fourteen, are you joking? Brian: That's what you told me to say. (Harry registers total despair.) Tell me what to say. Please. Harry: Offer me fourteen. Brian: I'll give you fourteen. Harry: (to onlookers) He's offering me fourteen for this! Brian: Fifteen. Harry: Seventeen. My last word. I won't take a penny less, or strike me dead. Brian: Sixteen. Harry: Done. (He grasps Brian's hand and shakes it.) Nice to do business with you. Tell you what, I'll throw in this as well. (He gives Brian a gourd.) Brian: I don't want it, but thanks. Harry: Burt! Burt: (reappearing rapidly) Yes? Brian: All right! All right!! Thank you. Harry: Where's the sixteen then? Brian: I already gave you twenty. Harry: Oh yes ... that's four I owe you then. (starts looking for change) Brian: It's all right, it doesn't matter.
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    By far and away my coin acquisition of the MONTH!
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    Certainly not as rare or exciting as Pauls coin but here are a few I picked up last year but only just got around to photographing.
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    It had everything to do with not being in the EU. As you correctly say, there was a lot of flexibility in terms of negotiation regarding the vaccine. But also, as you correctly say most EU members opted for the ‘United’ approach. In this respect they were hampered by massive bureaucracy and inter-state competition for resources which impaired their decision making process. Even when presented with access to an effective and inexpensive vaccine, developed with British money and expertise, in which they had declined to invest heavily or place early contracts for, they actively maligned the vaccine in many quarters, misrepresenting the risk/benefit ratio and discouraging usage as exemplified by Macron’s stupid pronouncements. Had we still been in the EU would things have been different? Well, there would have been considerable pressure to conform to a united approach, and we probably would have done. But if we had acted as we in fact did , but as EU members , we could have been restrained by EU compliance and regulatory delays and possibly contracted differently and there is no guarantee the outcomes would have been the same. So outside the EU we had a very successful vaccine rollout. Within the EU we might still have done reasonably, but we certainly wouldn’t have done better and would most likely have done worse. Quite frankly, logically it’s a no-brainer. Jerry.
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    Increasingly liking this one, my best example of a George II young head roses halfcrown type
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    That's actually a very very fair question. Besides coins, another one of my interests is the weather and the number/location of weather recording stations does seem slightly biased to this observer. Many decades ago (and over a century ago in fact), one of the recording stations which time and again came up with top readings, was Raunds in Northamptonshire. There is still a legit weather station there, and it still registers interesting readings (see link), but you NEVER ever hear that name mentioned for readings or records. Raunds is a perfectly reasonable semi rural South Midlands weather station, typical of many which day in and day out do a great job. But not a single word do you ever hear of them. I mentioned Raunds as it has been famous in the past. But there are others scattered over that area and the Home Counties, such as Rugby, Milton Keynes, High Wycombe, Banbury, Meriden, Buckingham and Oxford - all of which are locations which can reasonably said to represent England as a whole, and are in non biased locations. But again, you never hear mention of them (occasionally Cambridge crops up, such as for the previous record high in 2019) There are also numerous officially recognised recording stations in the North of England, which again you rarely hear about. Although with that said, we did hear of one on Monday night - Emley Moor, which recorded the highest ever minimum temperature of 25.9. That was surprising given the Northerly location. It's quite high ground as well, and that may have caused a bias. The old ITV tv transmitter at Emley Moor was brought down in March 1969 by a thick coating of rime (layer of ice caused by persistent freezing fog), which caused its weight to increase massively on the side facing East. But back to your original point, yes, I think there might well be a logical case for excluding airports, especially Heathrow and Gatwick as their readings could well be biased upwards given their urban locations and concrete bases. All weather stations use Stevenson screen thermometers, but what they're sited on, and their proximity to other influences, may well make a difference. There was bias in the old days as well. Many earlier records were set in Camden Square, London, which was an urban location later considered too biased to be meaningful. Yet they use Heathrow? link to Camden Square info Photo of Camden Square as it was when used as a weather station:-
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    Quite frankly, Peck, this is rather pathetic. Others have tried to move on from the desperate politicking, this thread is to do with humour and you are massively missing the mark. Brexit is done and dusted, it doesn’t help you to take things you can’t change so seriously, move on and yourself a favour. Jerry (with apologies, but I doubt I’m the only one getting fed up with this stuck record.)
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    Forget "superb toning, let's have "excellent cabinet friction"
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    Maybe it is only an auction house representation for slight worn coin? If they said it's worn, then potential buyer likely go away. If it is said cabinet friction, then people may think hm...it's ok, friction only, then likely placing bid. Then, auction house has their job done to sell it n grab the meaty commission.
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    I agree with Jerry, but I am still sure that the date widths must be the same on both these coins. It would be a hell of a coincidence if there were two different date widths paired with the 1841 REG: reverse which both had flaws through the numeral 8, and the letters in VICTORIA, and both have a 1/1. My guess is that the coin pictured right on Mike's pictures is a little angled to the camera and that this gives the impression that the 1 and 8 are closer. There also appears to be either some grime or shadow to the left hand side of the 8 and also a generally darker area between the right of the 1 and the left of the 8.....both these things tend to give the added impression that the numerals are closer together. I attach a picture of what I believe is the SAME obverse on a coin which I have tried to angle in the same way as Mike's right hand picture. To confirm exact numeral locations Mike's coin really needs to be put under a digital microscope at right angles to the coin.
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    Yes, but that was Scotland. Nicola must have sorted it !
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    I think that the most interesting thing about the obverse that is paired with the 1841 REG: is that it is subsequently paired with an 1841 NO REG Colon. The beauty of flaws, which are seen in the exact same locations, is that they can give you a time line between die pairings. Here is an 1841 No REG Colon piece, with same numeral 8 flaw, and also the VICTORIA flaws further developed (shown alongside the REG Colon flaw for comparison), proving that it came after the REG colon coin. .
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    A new one 1858 Large rose. NGC MS62 not attributed and although not the best i have had still a decent one.
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    Absolutely - cabinet friction doesn't exist (unless you're Boris !)
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    "Prime minister asks Speaker to nominate 'acceptable' new PM". BBC news! And I thought it was impossible for Boris to develop a guilty conscience. Then I realised the headline was actually referring to the very serious situation in Sri Lanka.
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    That's why I said ' of no consequence '. Just felt Oswald had been misunderstood, so, even after 5 yrs, I went and stood in his corner. I've read the majority of the forum now. Decimals was a bit heavy going. Really enjoyed the Ancients. Certainly opened my eyes to your breadth of knowledge Chris. I'm impressed. Thought about reading the Bible next but someone said that he dies in the end, so maybe not.
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    Interesting that in this heat, even if you have the boiler on for just 15 minutes, the water is still hot 12 hours later. Incredibly, even the saucepan I boiled some potatoes in earlier, was still hot 6 hours later. Obey your thirst folks.
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    Very nice .I wish I had the confidence to collect hammered silver and siege pieces. That's why I stick to modern coins as I think I can spot most forgeries with modern coins but hammered silver is a different ball game.
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    It was a promise I did not say I agreed with it, or thought it would do the country any good , the one good thing is that europe cannot be blamed by anyone for all the counries ills