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    Thought I'd share this as it's not a bad one mostly, but has the interesting die clash -- (and if you think it's something else that caused this let me know so I can update my notes!! 😆)
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    Acquired this at Heritage:
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    Just starting to pick up nice examples of each type. This is my latest that just dropped through the door this morning.
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    One with really good provenance 🙂
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    Had this a while but not posted before F6
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    My latest a 1926 penny. Some weakness of the strike normal to the type on the King's ear and Britannia's breast and helmet also light ghosting on the reverse.. Overall a pretty nice example of this not so common coin.
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    I'm really enjoying the 18th century series too at the moment. Bought this nice Spence piece on Saturday. The toning looks a bit less weird in the hand - the side with James Spence on has a lot of subdued lustre.
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    Yet, “I never clean any coin dirt is age tone and patina and i always handle them with gloves on A nice coin for any collector” 🤭
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    Forget the coins i would be more worried that it might infect me
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    Is that CrossRail excavating a tunnel? Ah no, it's Winston turning rapidly in his grave.
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    I recently started to buy some Roman bit and bobs. This is my favourite so far: Marcus Aurelius silver Denarius, Mars on Rev
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    Yup. I still have mine, which my Dad gave me at the time. 'Put that away and keep it lad, it'll be worth a fortune one day.' he said, as we picked at the Vesta Chow Mein Mum had served up on our best Franklin Mint plates...
  17. 3 points
    The following questions arise: 1. If buried under a church's foundation stone for most of its life, why is it now in such bashed and battered condition? 2. If stolen in 1970, why was it put into a common or garden Whitman folder instead of being sold to a private collector? 3. Why is the cardboard recess for it in such poor condition compared to the other coins? 4. Why does it bear a startling resemblance to the replica 1933s produced a few years ago? 5. Why does the damage look like it's been done deliberately? 6. How come such a poor speller has no problems with PROFESSIONAL and NUMISMATIST?
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    Told you so. Some people are so predictable.
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    You are right- I just asked the woman who does my mother's cleaning and she looked at me like I'd lost it.....
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    Might be being optimistic to think you can get bags of the stuff in any sort of reasonable grade (VF) with the chance of finding the odd scarce one But would pay a reasonable amount for unattributed lots more for research purposes Have a small collection but when buying singly in higher grades they get to "I could probably spend the money elsewhere better" sort of prices.
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    It's blank (last photo on eBay). It's also very strange to have a hyphen between "Winston" and "Churchill". Let's just hope the thing wasn't made in the UK.
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    This is my example, courtesy of @Rob
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    An old article I came across. Something that eBay sellers and buyers should be aware of. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2010/apr/20/ebay-seller-convicted-auction-fixing
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    A close up of the narrow 3