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    I don't know if its of any interest, but i came across this pattern 1894 penny the other day , and wondered just how iv'e managed to miss it in all my years of collecting , it is after all listed in Freemans on page 233 Plate xiv Pic. B terrible picture though. It looks to be the same reverse as the 2mm 1895 but has an unusual looking boat on the right. http://www.coinfactswiki.com/wiki/Great_Britain_1894_penny_KM-790
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    I was fortunate enought to pick up the residue of a 1902 13 coin specimen set, Matt proof, the other day. Only 5 coins remained - Crown down to sixpence. (The Gold and the Maundy were long gone.) Of the remainder, the best 3 were the Crown, Halfcrown and Florin, so here they are. (The box is good too and even scarcer than the 11 coin version!)
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    Brisbane Courier Mail 31/01
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    Talking about Vimto, I loved that with fish, chips & mushy peas from the local chippie, when I was a kid. I remember back then (about 7 or 8), I never used to eat the batter, but every last chip would be savoured, accompanied by salt and vinegar, and the aforesaid vimto (extra nice if the guy at the shop had only just taken it out of the fridge) - that was a fantastic Friday night treat for me and my sister, that Mum would get. Although I don't think my sister enjoyed it as much as I did. In fact I sometimes finished her's off as she often left most of them. It's a wonder I never put on any weight, the amount I consumed. Two more memories from childhood, one very painful, the other great. On one occasion a friend and myself had wandered off quite a long way from home, and were in some woods at the back of the estate. There was an old dead tree in there, with a hollowed out branch, which he stuck a large twig down. A few seconds later a swarm of wasps flew out and repeatedly stung us. I don't think I've ever run so fast in my life. I was throbbing in different places for hours afterwards. My friend actually got taken to hospital with anaphylactic shock. The great memory was in an amusement arcade in Southend, trying to work one of those grabber machines that always let go of the prize before you could drop it down the hole. I'd tried it a few times before a guy wandered across, and literally just lifted out the glass panel from the wooden surround, saying, "take what you want Son, we're getting rid of this machine today". Couldn't take it all as I didn't have a bag with me, but stuffed a load into my pocket. To be honest it was all worthless crap, but it gave me a thrill on the day. I also remember the great storm of October 1987, seeing things flying down the street outside, and the general racket of the wind, falling masonry and objects banging as they collided with walls. Scary, for sure, but also absolutely fascinating.
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    Missed out due to the website issues, which means I also couldn't book the SYO sovereign either. Regular customers really ought to get dibs before the hordes of profiteering riff-raff get a look in. Mainly because my profiteering is more important.
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    Or the newspaper headline, after the man broke out of the asylum, raped some launderette workers and escaped, that read: "Nut screws washers and bolts"....
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    Not quite a casein point, but i’ll wager some of those tits lactose because of the cold.
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    Talking of painful memories. I remember exploring the Abbey ruins at Lilleshall in the early 70’s with my dear old friend Teasdale who, for no apparent reason, decided that it would be interesting to experience first hand the sensation of peeing on an electrified fence. Seeing him thrown backwards holding his crotch in agony put me off trying it myself. So funny. That reminds me that i had a C-scope metal detector back then, very simple tool, only 2 knobs and it worked a treat. We found a rotted metal (?) box buried at depth and under a stone with what looked like medieval seals in it. They were wrapped in a rotted grungy leathery material as I recall and I thought I’d found the crown jewels. I often wonder what happened to them. I took them to school once for a project and they were unfortunately ‘mislaid’, never to be seen again.
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    In Erdington, I am never sure whether to straddle the middle of the two lanes or veer from one to the other.
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    Should be "Sacred" of course. But then, who wouldn't be scared if you are having a heart operation?
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    Didn't he play a Great Female Part lol
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    Sunday lunch listening to Hancock's Half Hour was one of my greatest childhood memories.
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    The other interesting fact I know about it is that the reverse design tells you where to get it redeemed ! Eaton's publishing house was based at the Cock and Swine, 74 Newgate Street, sadly long demolished. If you're interested in more about Eaton, there's a lot of academic literature which discusses his activities as his friends and clients were basically a who's-who of the radical political scene of 1790s London. Here's the front page of Eaton's edition of the Rights of Man, for reference, where he's "Citizen Daniel Isaac Eaton, Printer to the Supreme Majesty of the People".
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    Do I detect another fan of the late, great Tony Hancock ?
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    Another added to the collection a Hooper Struve's surround. Although the Hooper Struve's Encased Farthings are the most common ones you will find, and are always turning up quite regularly. Finding one with a 1894 Victorian Farthing is not as easy as say George V or George VI. Very pleased I have got this one, as it may be quite some time before another turns up.
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    That's a really nice strike.. Here's mine which shows weakness on the hair by the Queen's forehead and looks to be of a lower relief. I 've had it for a long time and I think it cost about $AU 120 and I laybyed it and paid it off at $10/week. Perhaps it would present better by re photographing it instead of a flatbed scanner scan.
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    but just gone 2 am was better 02020202020
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    I should have gone to Specsavers.
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    Lukasz would be selling that as a 6 over 5.
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    Yes, those PFNNY and ONF varieties are extremely unexciting being die fills, not errors.
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    Minnie The Minx the Third, I think....