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    I regard this 1849 penny acquisition as the pièce de résistance of my pre 1860 Victoria copper collection. Even though it's meant shelling out a lot of money, it was worth it to get something as nice as this. Unfortunately I'm still having issues shrinking the pics, so obverse and reverse will have to go on separate pages as the lowest I can get each down to, is 287kb, and the max is 500.
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    This one just added to my Sixpence collection with nice toning. An upgrade to my previous example I listed recently.
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    Another 1920 Sixpence, nice example and well struck compared to what I have seen around. This is an upgrade and a keeper for me.😀
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    An 1806 contemporary counterfeit half penny - my forth so far
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    My friend, who is very wealthy, asked his son what he wanted for his birthday, and his son told him he wanted a cowboy outfit, so my friend bought him Hermes.....
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    Among the many vices of George IV was being excessively overweight. One of his nicknames was the "Prince of Whales".
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    Shakespeare didn't have a clue about cats. "Tabby, or not tabby?"
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    Oh- there was going to be lots of pennies- great pennies, none made in China CHINAH, I'm very knowledgeable about pennies, I'm a great collector, all pennies, but I looked at the Auction list and there are strangely hardly any... I DEMAND A RECOUNT!
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    They'd have to be barking mad to try 😼
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    Ah, but they can do Lab-tests...😋
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    Another Sixpence just arrived today 1883 Victoria graded as AUNC what are you thoughts please?
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    yes you are right I did put george IV and it was a mix up - his father was a totally sound guy apart from the odd bout of mental illness , we have much to thank him for even the RHS
  17. 3 points
    I think you're confusing him with George IV who was utterly detested and reviled, and had been bailed out by George III several times.
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    Nice detail - I'd go along with AU
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    Looks like you were right, Paddy. Thanks for the tip. I made an offer of $300 on this coin The seller made a counter offer of $345, which I accepted. Met me in the middle. It's about in line with what a such a coin would trade at in the UK, and it's certainly a lot better than the current small date 1857 I've got which shows signs of old cleaning. At the original price it was one of their better priced coins. That'll have to be the last coin I buy this year, given what I've spent recently. Just hope it manages to reach here OK.
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    If you notice cows sleeping in a field, does that mean it's pasture bedtime?
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    Personally I’d just cover them with a generic description page, clearly they are not a true die variety and could presumably occur with any date, especially if a grease-clogged die is the cause as suggested. Jerry
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    Very very nice! Your picture problem would be resolved in an instant if you crop out all that unnecessary background - it must be using well over half the image size. This took me a few seconds:
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    My latest purchase, and a farthing error I have never seen before, or even seen recorded. It is an 1874H with the O in Victoria having been repunched sideways. Similar to the G/G but with the O this time. I would be interested in knowing if anyone else has seen this variety recorded before. I am unaware of it in any of the Colin Cooke catalogues etc. It is instantly apparent when holding the coin even without a lens
  24. 2 points
    Ok, not an O over sideways O, nor a G over sideways G, but I have just listed on eBay an 1874H farthing with C over C as per wybrit's post above, if anyone's interested, with this link... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284069502338 I have another one myself, so this one listed is a duplicate, but I don't know how many more have been noted? Not as spectacular as the sideways double entries, but it's there if anyone wants it as a variety!
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    I always leave the top of a piece of sea bass in a restaurant - I don't believe the old fairy stories, so I don't like crumpled fish skin....