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    They just can't resist using performance enhancing substances.
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    Mike should set his computer's clock back 6 months, then send Ingrams an email marked "urgent"
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    Sorry to interrupt the interesting Prisoner thread, but I thought I would talk about pennies again if that's ok. If 'The Future', or anyone else for that matter, is interested in rarer coins with holes in them, then they may want to purchase my spare 1858 Large Rose pictured below. Probably rarer than the 1860 Triple F, which went for £57.99, but I would be happy to sell it for less than that..........if anyone wants to wear it around their neck or something! PM me if interested.
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    Oh well, shouldn't be too critical. At least they did apologise and sent the pics, albeit 5 months after first enquiry. Not going to blame them for getting it wrong either, as the 1854/3 is probably one of the hardest overdates to correctly identify, until you've seen some actual working examples.
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    Nor me- I passed on it since it's nowhere near as nice as my current example. Just kidding...:-(
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    Did you ever see the remake, which aired on ITV about ?15 years ago? It got panned, but mostly by fans of the original. Actually it wasn't half bad, and Ruth Wilson gave it her usual edgy glamour. Never even got repeated which is a shame.
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    Back in the day, I wrote a new series for the Prisoner, entitled Prisoner's Return - the clue to the theme of the series is in the title. There were 10 episodes in all, with basic outlines for two more. Unfortunately, ITC who owned the copyright at the time weren't keen to develop it, so the furthest it ever got was onto a website I designed around 2000 or so. Like my proposal, the website is now defunct!
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    Yes, I was surprised at that. I've never been all that fussed about the triple F, even though it's a very clear "variety". There do seem to have been plenty of examples over the years.
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    Not sure I'd pop for 1900 on such a coin but have always loved the simple elegance of the Gillick sovereign and of course have an unslabbed of my birthdate. Nice coin there Peck.
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    Oh just shaddapayour face!
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    Riishi and Liz chatting after the election?
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    "I am the new No 2" "Who is No 1?" "You are No 6"
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    A free man in Paris ? (J Mitchell classic)
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    Yes, they did, although it dropped into the spam folder (don't know why those things even exist, they're completely and utterly useless), so have only just seen it. They'd advertised an 1854/3 penny in NEF for £195, which if for real, would have been quite a bargain. No photo was on the website, which is why I requested one, as it's very easy to mistake a non 4/3 for the genuine article. Didn't need to go closer than this to know immediately it wasn't a 4/3. Although some close ups were provided.
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    It's been up there as no.6 for a few weeks !
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    Very interesting if it is a reply mail😅. Sincerely hope they will finally answer your question promptly this time.
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    Unreal - where to start with this one. I sent an e mail to Ingrams on 15.3.22 asking for a close up pic of a coin they had on offer, and never got a reply. Then forgot about it anyway. I've just had a reply today completely ignoring what I requested, and asking me if there's anything I'm interested in at the moment.
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    Yes, but that was Scotland. Nicola must have sorted it !
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    That's actually a very very fair question. Besides coins, another one of my interests is the weather and the number/location of weather recording stations does seem slightly biased to this observer. Many decades ago (and over a century ago in fact), one of the recording stations which time and again came up with top readings, was Raunds in Northamptonshire. There is still a legit weather station there, and it still registers interesting readings (see link), but you NEVER ever hear that name mentioned for readings or records. Raunds is a perfectly reasonable semi rural South Midlands weather station, typical of many which day in and day out do a great job. But not a single word do you ever hear of them. I mentioned Raunds as it has been famous in the past. But there are others scattered over that area and the Home Counties, such as Rugby, Milton Keynes, High Wycombe, Banbury, Meriden, Buckingham and Oxford - all of which are locations which can reasonably said to represent England as a whole, and are in non biased locations. But again, you never hear mention of them (occasionally Cambridge crops up, such as for the previous record high in 2019) There are also numerous officially recognised recording stations in the North of England, which again you rarely hear about. Although with that said, we did hear of one on Monday night - Emley Moor, which recorded the highest ever minimum temperature of 25.9. That was surprising given the Northerly location. It's quite high ground as well, and that may have caused a bias. The old ITV tv transmitter at Emley Moor was brought down in March 1969 by a thick coating of rime (layer of ice caused by persistent freezing fog), which caused its weight to increase massively on the side facing East. But back to your original point, yes, I think there might well be a logical case for excluding airports, especially Heathrow and Gatwick as their readings could well be biased upwards given their urban locations and concrete bases. All weather stations use Stevenson screen thermometers, but what they're sited on, and their proximity to other influences, may well make a difference. There was bias in the old days as well. Many earlier records were set in Camden Square, London, which was an urban location later considered too biased to be meaningful. Yet they use Heathrow? link to Camden Square info Photo of Camden Square as it was when used as a weather station:-
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    Certainly not as rare or exciting as Pauls coin but here are a few I picked up last year but only just got around to photographing.
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    Ah, but global warming affects the winter too! But you just can’t predict which way we will be affected- if the Gulf Stream changes course we could actually be colder. I think we have to be resigned to climate change whatever, and our kids more so. What the planet needs is a good plague, when in fact we all seem to want to live forever. Jerry
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    HOW TO HAGGLE (Burt appears. He is very big.) Burt: Yeah? Harry: This bloke won't haggle. Burt: (looking around) Where are the guards? Brian: Oh, all right ... I mean do we have to ... Harry: Now I want twenty for that ... Brian: I gave you twenty. Harry: Now are you telling me that's not worth twenty shekels? Brian: No. Harry: Feel the quality, that's none of yer goat. Brian: Oh ... I'll give you nineteen then. Harry: No, no. Do it properly. Brian: What? Harry: Haggle properly. This isn't worth nineteen. Brian: You just said it was worth twenty. Harry: Burt!! Brian: I'll give you ten. Harry: That's more like it. (outraged) Ten!? Are you trying to insult me? Me? With a poor dying grandmother...Ten!?! Brian: Eleven. Harry: Now you're getting it. Eleven!?! Did I hear you right? Eleven? This cost me twelve. You want to ruin me? Brian: Seventeen. Harry: Seventeen! Brian: Eighteen? Harry: No, no, no. You go to fourteen now. Brian: Fourteen. Harry: Fourteen, are you joking? Brian: That's what you told me to say. (Harry registers total despair.) Tell me what to say. Please. Harry: Offer me fourteen. Brian: I'll give you fourteen. Harry: (to onlookers) He's offering me fourteen for this! Brian: Fifteen. Harry: Seventeen. My last word. I won't take a penny less, or strike me dead. Brian: Sixteen. Harry: Done. (He grasps Brian's hand and shakes it.) Nice to do business with you. Tell you what, I'll throw in this as well. (He gives Brian a gourd.) Brian: I don't want it, but thanks. Harry: Burt! Burt: (reappearing rapidly) Yes? Brian: All right! All right!! Thank you. Harry: Where's the sixteen then? Brian: I already gave you twenty. Harry: Oh yes ... that's four I owe you then. (starts looking for change) Brian: It's all right, it doesn't matter.
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    I have to say that I don't think we could have wished for more considering we took in someone with whom we have nothing in common for as long as it takes. She will have been here for 4 weeks this coming Friday. Language is a bit of an issue as it is proving difficult to find her work where there is minimal customer contact, but every day I hear a few more words used, so hopefully within a few months the communication problems will reduce. The first few weeks have been a bit labour intensive on my part carting her around to get the basics sorted such as signing on, registering with a doctor, taking her shopping, trying to teach basic English and write benefits logs and job applications etc, but that's part of the deal when there's no common language and will ultimately pay off when she is able to stand on her own feet comfortably. Frankly, the above post where someone claims they have spent a lot of money on the refugee is complete b******s. Additional costs for taking someone in - a gas safety certificate and some energy, set against which the host will get £350 a month paid in arrears for the first year. There's no obligation to feed them at your expense, though most would at least until cashflow is established. The host would be quids in if calculated on an honest basis, even if food was provided. How much does a set of house keys cost for God's sake?