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    A recent win from Noonans I'm very happy with Charles I Scottish Thirty Shillings, Third Coinage (1637-42), Briot’s coinage mm. flower and b on obv., thistle and b on rev SCBI 35 1427-9, S. 5553, Bull 6 (this coin) Ex. Maurice Bull collection SNC April 1989 (1846)
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    1903 Edward VII sovereign The axial lighting doesn't really show it well, but this has pretty good lustre left in the fields with anisotropic reflection clearly visible. It's my nicest Ed.
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    1894 Mourning Victoria sovereign Another nice example, with anisotropic reflection still visible in the fields, although not shown well by the axial lighting. I haven't really got a good rig to show the lustre well - figuring this out is still work in progress.
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    Hello Everyone! I hope you all are doing well. If you don't know, I am a young coin enthusiast and I have a youtube channel on coins called, The Coin Realm. I very recently made and collaborated on a video on a stunning Henry VII Gold Full Angel discovered by two detectorists. It's a really breathtaking example of a highly rare gold hammered coin and a really interesting video! If you are interested be sure to give it a watch! And of course, if you have any suggestions or comments, please do let me know! All of your expertise is appreciated! Thank you so much as always! The Coin Realm (click on the title of the video below to go to the video on youtube! 🙂👍)
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    That's two in a short period of time. I bought the 8+J in the CCA/Nantwich auction at the end of November. It was described as 8+I (also described as such on the accompanying envelope) but obviously wasn't. I paid just under £45 for it. I'm looking for a 8+I, 9+K and 12+L if anyone has anything available, as long as it's not a washer.
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    The third came in a Whitman folder with a date run of other worn pennies and a crude hole had been cut in the margin of one of the pages for the 1933. The collection had been bought at a charity sale held at The Church of St Cross in Middleton.
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    1826 Penny also just back from NGC MS65BN ,really nice in hand and again with a lovely tone.
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    One i have just got back from NGC MS65BN ,lovely tone for a scarce year in high grade.
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    What a very interesting and well presented video, which I really enjoyed watching, albeit Christmas has come and gone. Thanks for the obvious hard work and research.