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    no one expects the Super Imposition!!
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    Cartoon strip from the Daily Mirror, 1919:-
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    This is found on many dates in the 1870s for some reason, caused by a clash of obverse/reverse dies.
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    It is no wonder that collecting coins is so confusing for people starting out. One moment a coin with a broken F is given special status and someone decides it is a variety called an ONF. But then so many others seem to get no reference to them at all. It sometimes seems as fickle as the art market , unless someone says so most errors are unworthy even of note. The next minute they are as "rare" as hen's teeth....I am afraid I will never understand
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    Superimposition is often a useful tool for explaining certain features, e.g. on this 1859 penny:-
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    The same clashing also happens on Victorian coppers. This mis-lead many collectors into thinking that some pennies had a ribbon behind Victoria's neck. My small Predecimal icon demonstrates, but here is the full picture for reference.
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    Yes, superimposition, here are my originals for reference