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    Well first let me say that there are no prices listed. IMHO the latest is not even as good as the 6th edition primarily because I have seen very little added and the loss of the provenance section. I hope someone else can confirm that their copy does not included the latter. Also some of the "varieties" may or not be agreed upon by others. BTW I got mine from Abe books as there was some kind of clearance and I got the book to the USA for about SIX POUNDS! I thought they had made an error and so jumped on it but it appears that the coin is legit. Not that I am counting (but I am), but the 7th edition has 597 pages and the 6th edition has 662 pages....
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    Yea, definitely NOT proofs! I don't get it, maybe they have been watching the other TPGs. Ask Steve Hill or Mark R., I am sure they will agree.
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    Scientists claim to have discovered a planet with intelligent life. This planet is populated by a number of species of flora and fauna and is effectively “run” by a race of bipeds who seem to be at the highest evolutionary level. This race is incredibly arrogant, claiming to have been created in the image of the all-loving deity that many of them worship, yet appearing to only tolerate the existence of lower evolutionary species as long as they either provide entertainment as pets or curiosities, or provide food for the bipeds, for which they are bred and killed on a huge scale. The “master race” is also incredibly hypocritical in that they go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that handicapped members of their own societies can lead a full life but have no scruples in mass extermination of other members of their species whose culture and beliefs differ from theirs or whose territory is rich in products which they desire to own. Where can this planet be ?