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    HALP 7+G eBay. Spotted amongst a group of 16. £14.
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    I'm hearing now that cupro nickel Churchills are worth money in high grade 😉
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    "Ok Smith. Time to start work on the punches for 1859." [A little later ] "Damn. Sorry Guv'nor, I've used the halfpenny 9 in error" "Ah. Well, overpunch with an 8, no-one will notice. At least, not for 150 years." [A little later ] "Looks all right. Go ahead and use it. Oh, and there's some unused 1854 dies - use it on those if you have to. And then start work on the 1859 punches but don't mess it up this time."
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    Another type gap-filling newbie, this from the Spink eAuction last week (halfcrown)
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    Is the other high grade example die number 17 too?