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    Not sure I can be classed as 'regular', but still very much into coins at the age of 35 and 10/12ths. I remember Peter being the very first person to reply to my first post! I see his last visit was in 2019 - so pre-covid! Hopefully he's ok!
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    Sure, Mike, here it is.
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    Man who took uncle to post office 'didn't realise he'd died' 6 hrs ago 73 Comments| Peter Seabrook obituary ‘Thank you for rocking so hard’: Jack Black pays tribute to Meat Loaf A man who took his dead uncle into an Irish post office to claim his pension insists he did not realise he had passed away. © Other Police are investigating the incident. File pic Declan Haughney told the Irish Mirror he and another man took Peadar Doyle, 66, on a five-minute walk from his home on Pollerton Road, Carlow, to collect his pension last Friday morning. The 40-year-old said he had lived with his uncle throughout his life and believes he may have died on the way to Hosey's post office on Staplestown Road. He said he and another man linked arms with him and dragged him to the post office. "He was walking like normal and then I reckon he died," he said, adding that Mr Doyle started "dragging his heels" at one point. "We were grand like then all of a sudden he started going all slumpy," he said. "We thought nothing of it because Peadar had had heart attacks and all." He said they let him go at the post office counter and it was only after he dropped to the floor that they realised he had died. Mr Haughney said he believes he is being falsely accused of trying to claim his uncle's pension because he previously stole from his aunt and served two years in prison.
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    Never checked out Auction World before - they had another 1841 proof penny this time last year as well on sixbid archive - but that looks like copper rather than bronzed PF63 - 520000Y. I liked their completely uncleaned 1826 proof halfcrown PF62
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    Forget what date, forget the reverse, - to me, not a copper collector, that reverse is the most pleasing one I have ever seen. Quite a thing of beauty.
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    Thanks Ian. Regardless of the cost, whoever got it will never need to upgrade again. A magnificent coin.
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    One of the best I've ever seen, Ian. Not sure it's worth £4k though. Do you have a pic of the obverse as well?
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    Agreed. The Facebook group seems better suited to beginners as you say - where they can get immediate answers but don't need to access stuff from ages ago. Mind you, there's always the 'Search within Group' feature to find older stuff - though it has to be a Group not a Page (what's the difference? who knows. who cares...)
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    True - plus the fact there are several facebook groups. In essence they seem to consist of almost absolute beginners, and others with very little experience. Plus a few really experienced old hands like the Derek Allens, Martin Platts and Tony Crockers of this world, who offer sound guidance. There's also a few amateurish low level auction/trading sites, and those that double up as both. The problem with facebook is retrieving old information, or knowing that it even exists. Threads seem to vanish with alarming rapidity, and nothing is retained in any semblance of chronological order. In that sense a forum is much more user friendly - look at the number of times on here that threads, even well over 10 years old, are rooted out and re-posted on/used as a reference tool. Imagine trying to find something on facebook that you vaguely recall from all that time ago. There isn't even a subject line to refer to.
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    In this particular case, I think the cleaning is definitely the right thing to do. The uncleaned coin has very poor visual appeal. Although the cleaned coin is not lustrous, it is at least much easier on the eye.
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    Hi Blakeybou, I guess you would expect the coin to look different if it is cleaned. The real question is. Has it damaged the coin in some way? The images show a NGC MS 62 coin I cleaned using the bicarb Al foil method. I think I prefer the cleaned version. Like I say cleaning is something that should be approached with caution. In addition when you think about it toning is really a form of corrosion that has already effected the coin's surface. PS how did those seeds go? Regards, Ozjohn
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    Indeed, hope both he and Peter are OK.