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    Reasonably decent 1918 Florin upgrade picked up cheap the other day:
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    Thought I'd found a 6 over 8 here as the die pairing is correct. Unfortunately it was just dirt but look at the die fill I initially missed. F274A 5+E
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    He has indeed. Copied from Baldwin's fixed price list. https://issuu.com/baldwinscoins/docs/baldwin_s_fpl_2014_w_-_for_issuu.co Page 123.
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    He must have copied and pasted some of this. Using otherwise good extremely fine has all the attributes of a dealer description. Just about everything is wrong. Title - 1806 instead of 1807. 'No berries on branch', which I suggest is mainly due to the coin being corroded to b*****y. Only 1806 has no berries. Green toned, plenty of lustre - bizarre. 'Weakly struck in legend' - actually, after allowing for its general condition such as the wear to the bust, it's about as good as you will get in terms of legend as this series is notorious for filled letters. Can't comment on clashed dies given the condition. 'Ring of verdigris on the exergue' - presumably that's the exergue on the reverse at 3 o'clock? I reckon he's copied a description of an 1806 from somewhere and just changed the date
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    Yes, I saw it the other day - though of course being dealers they are less fussed about long-term degradation of coins via surface contamination (the coins have long ago been sold by the time that would have an effect), but granted, edge knocks are an immediate effect for anyone! Provided the trays are wide enough that they can fully get their fingers around the edges of the coin before picking it up, that's pretty important. otherwise it's almost unavoidable for fingers to intrude over the rim. I did raise my eyebrows when they mentioned that wisps of cotton fabric from cotton gloves could cause hairlines. I can't ever see how that could happen! Also it depends on the metal - lustrous copper or bronze need a lot more care in handling than say, toned silver or gold.