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    5p Varieties 1969 – 1990 At first glance there does not appear to be much of interest, just a coin with what appear to be identical obverses and reverses. As with all coins that have boarder teeth (bt) or in this case boarder beads (bb), its all about the “pointings”. There are however some interesting obverse varieties concerning the shape of the truncation, which follows similar changes on all the other decimal coins, especially during the period 1985 through 1990. It is also worth noting that the early coins were released before decimalization on 15th Feb 1971, so in both size and style at least, they truly belong to the LSD era. See the Summary and Details section following the pictures for precise descriptions. Obverse 1 1968 – 1977 2nd portrait. Obverse 2 1977 – 1983 Obverse 3 1984 Obverse 4 1985 3rd portrait with a long pointed tip to truncation. Obverse 5 1986 – 1987 Obverse 6 1988 Obverse 7 1989 Obverse 8 1990 Reverse A 1968 – 1980 Reverse B 1972 – 1983 Reverse C 1982 – 1989 Reverse D 1990 Summary and details.
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    Mike, A bursting bladder can turn Jekyll in to Hyde
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    At age 16 or so, I served Bernie with a cup of tea in J Lyons teashop Western Road, Brighton. Its about the nearest I've ever been to celebrity, apart from shaking hands with Frankie Vaughan at my school prizegiving.
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    Here is webpage for my 'bun head' penny sales, right click and then 'open in new window' https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/alfnail/m.html?item=402732525067&hash=item5dc4baa60b%3Ag%3AH48AAOSwQdhgQ4nS&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
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    I've met two, both totally contrasting characters. One was Bruce Forsyth at a London restaurant in 2002 when we somehow got in each other's way in a narrow corridor leading to the Gents - you know when you both intend to avoid each other but move in the same direction, and he looked really nasty and said "Get out of the effing way you dickhead" - charming, thought I. Not a bit like his TV persona. I just wish now I'd given him a mouthful back instead of saying sorry. The other was Frank Skinner in a pub in Chelmsford, also in 2002 (no idea what he was doing there), but I accidentally dropped a £2 coin and it rolled along the floor. Frank picked it up, handed it to me, and said "here you go mate, don't chuck your money away" in that familiar Brummie accent of his. He was there with a woman - maybe his partner. No idea.
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    I'd definitely dispute "great" being applied to Bernie Winters. Those two were the only showbiz act that made Little and Large look good..
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    There's nor business like Schnorbitz-ness? (Sorry!) I have met and conversed with Al Stewart, Hawkwind, Kevin Ayers. My 2 biggest claims to fame are 1) being patted on the head by Suzi Quatro when I apologised for the small attendance at the Students Union 2) watching MOTD (Liverpool were on... he'll be turning in his grave now) with John Peel when he guested at a SU gig.
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    Totally agree - I just need to know when I'm going to go. I'll add that to the stupid questions asked at Corona Virus briefings.