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    Just received my new pages and my mind boggles at the work it must have entailed. Congratulations on a job well done Michael.
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    Good luck Richard. I have had covid-19 for a month, and just got my first negative swab today. The Dr said probably 2 more weeks of fatigue as the virus goes away! Bob Crawford, USA.
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    The original Peter Nichols of St Leonard has officially retired and his "Stamp & Coin Shop" has closed. In his prime Peter's cabinet were exceptionally made and also benefitted from the use of higher quality mahogany that was available https://www.facebook.com/PNCabinetMakers/photos/a.442053142533613/4434241153314772/?type=3&theater https://www.primelocation.com/for-sale/details/photos/54746481
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    Indeed Chris. For all the world it looks as though someone has been at it with a (mini) blowtorch.
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    I would have said the penny is a 9+j F97A. Victoria on the obverse 9 appears to be looking forward , whereas on the 8 she seems to be looking downwards . The 9 also has the R in REG pointing slightly to the right of the tooth , and as we know that can be difficult to see clearly on some pictures in this case the R does seem to favour just to the right of the tooth.
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    Yes, I'd go S1511 too. Ticks all the boxes - Annulet before EDWARD DEI GRA REX ANGL (no French title), Barred A in GLORIA, saltire stops. I think I can make out a lis in the central panel. The shape will be as on the shield, bottom right quarter bottom lis, rather than have looped side fleurs. A bit like a cactus. On the top image the initial cross is at 10 o'clock, then reads EXALTABITVR IN GLORIA. The top image makes it look horribly cleaned. These aren't rare, so go for a better one if it looks too rubbed.
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    Oh come on! Trump has never made a sandwich in his life - he has minions aka family to do that.
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    Hi Paddy, it looks like an S1498 to me, but i am no expert.
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    Sorry, I meant 1860JB. I'm not at my best at the moment - I had to go for a Covid19 test today after 4 days of fever.