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    Looking through auction archives, the genuine 1854 over 3 does seem to be a rare coin and, as such, I'm going to add it to my rare penny site. I'd be grateful for any photos from members please.
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    Mine's the same as John's.
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    A good indicator for a true 1854/3 is the hair detail ,the ones i have seen have all been struck with not much hair from an old 1853 OBV die. If a coin has all the hair in a condition of VF or better from what i have seen it wont be one. The Alderley coin which i have seen in hand had good lustre and a really good example was graded As Struck in the catalogue ,reason being it was so weak to the OBV. So as daft as it sounds to find a really good one means you are looking for a really bad one to the OBV 😃 Looking at the hair means you can quickly discount the majority if your not sure looking at the date in pictures. Lots of 1854/3 are miss described IMO as are the 1858/2 & 1858/3 as regardless of what people think they are , they are both different coins. Only the coin with a die crack through the date is thought to be over a 2 and has a different font than the other.