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    Just ordered this from E bay - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-INNOVATIONS-ANTI-SLIP-JEWELLERY-MAKING-MAT-SIZE-23cm-x-30cm/254579385914?hash=item3b461d263a:g:TggAAOSwsiBepDMN Might be useful for anyone who needs a small coin inspection table mat. Also nice background for coin photography too😎 All the best, Weaver(wayne)
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    I can’t get over the situation in the USA, a wealthy, advanced country that should have been able to lead the world in managing this crisis, but because of a few idiots in government they have thrown it all away in the cause of the self-aggrandisement of the chief idiot, and at the expense of tens, potentially hundreds of thousands of additional deaths. I do hope the nation sees sense in November. Jerry
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    Just switching tack here to a more bright and hopeful stance - there are reports that the virus is weakening, maybe via mutation, and causing fewer deaths than it did, among the same cohorts. So maybe if there is a second spike, it won't be anything like as deadly as the first - Fingers crossed. By the way just a quick shout out here for the many hospital staff, some of whom have sadly passed away from Covid 19 in the last few months - they courageously put themselves in harm's way 24/7 to look after sufferers. Some have sadly paid the ultimate price for that dedication. Again, disproportionately, BAME medical staff. All these guys, from whatever background, have my maximum respect for undertaking a job I couldn't even imagine doing at the best of times.
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    Boris has found an new imaginary girlfriend
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    Tonight I opened a Good Red, and I am currently annoying the neighbours with 'Highway Star' off 'Live in Japan'......... ( bloody loud, nice system) I keep forgetting how unbelievable a performance this is, and every now and again, I have to hammer it out to 'reset'......
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    Why am I still laughing at this??? Some crap jokes just work and work....!!
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    So impressed you bothered with the circumflex.....
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    Nice one Mike😎 It feels good to have actually helped out with some useful info. I'm the one usually asking everyone else for advice😂 All the best, Weaver(wayne)
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    Neat idea - just bought one as well, as they're so cheap.
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    One of my better purchases on ebay, open auction, 5 bids, got it for £23. Actual ebay picture and one I took of the coin when it arrived.
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    I see that Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, is now questioning whether Jesus, the son of God, should no longer be viewed as White. From the figures above, one can only conclude that if there was a God, he is both White and vindictive. And hypocritical, in begetting a son of colour, if Justin were right. Surely we should be told the truth? Like many species, humans are territorial and aggressively defend their Tribe and their patch. There is no God. But Covid 19 is made in his image.
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    Just left the dentist. Bruised jaw, blood running down the side of mouth. To be fair he had it coming.
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    Is your wife's name Suzette
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    Came in drunk last night and didn’t want to wake anyone up I went to the kitchen and stuck two French pancakes to my feet and crêped up the stairs.
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    Just heard there will be some clapping for Vera Lynn. Don't know where, don't know when.
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    Kunker have excellent videos accompanying their upcoming auction offerings. I feel quite moist😋
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    The first time I ever heard Pink Floyd was while watching the movie "Crystal Voyager" at the cinema. The track was "Echoes" and it was played as the background to a dude surfing a tube. That was 1973 and I've been hooked ever since. Around that time we also had a thing going with making displays like the pulse section at the begining. A local TV shop was doing part exchanges on old TVs and we scrounged a bunch from his scrap pile. Disconnect the scan coils and apply a stereo channel to each coil and watch the pretty Lissajou's figures. Stuff like PInk Floyd's with a lot of single note pulses was ideal especially if the stereo was well seperated. Disco lights had nothing to compare. While I was at school in the early 60s Practical Wireless or Practical Electronics had a circuit for something called a "Spectrophon" that converted sound to light using OC25 transistors as amplifiers. Usually audio split into three channels but that was adaptable. At the time the MOT test came in so with a bit of adaptation you could power those big Marechal headlights from scrapped cars in the local scrapyard. Now you get the same sort of thing on a chip. 🙄