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    A very rare token I noticed in a bulk lot last week, paid £15 and there was an EF 1901 halfpenny and some other odds and sods as well.
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    Well part of it pretty obviously is, as far more African American and Hispanic people (per million of the population) are shot and otherwise killed by police, than white people. That's hard fact. You seem to have completely missed the main thrust of what I'm saying though, which is that the United States police in general, are trigger happy and there are a disturbingly high number of people (of all ethnicities) who are being stopped by the police for spurious reasons. The situation then escalates massively, and the "suspect" is shot dead. These are situation in which absolutely no other person would be adversely affected if the police hadn't got involved at all. For example in the case of Floyd, why was he suspected, and why was a presumption made that even if he had passed on a fake $20 note, that it was deliberate - how many fake £1 coins were passed on unwittingly in this country? In the Brooks case, can you imagine that happening here in the UK? Most normal, civilized people would have gone up to the guy and just asked if he was OK, and tried to help him, including our own police. I think the US police need re-educating on their priorities and to be made aware of their responsibilities as that pertains to the safety and well being of the public they purport to protect. Although my political instincts are conservative with a small c, I cannot countenance, nor keep quiet, if innocent people are the subject of needless killings by representatives of the state, especially one which describes itself as the "land of the free and the home of the brave". There's nothing brave or free about these dreadful occurrences. Moreover, although I can't prove it, I do get the overriding impression that some of these police officers are looking for any excuse to shoot those they stop. The slightest false move and you're blown away, not even knowing whether you were following the officer's orders or not. That comes across very strongly. It's nasty. it's cowardly and it's breathtakingly idiotic. I make no apology whatever for speaking out against it.
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    I stopped by Michael's shop in Notting Hill (before he moved), to deliver a 1877 Narrow Date Penny I had sold to another collector from Great Britain (Cardiff, Wales). It was a real pleasure to meet him in person. My wife and I were touring Great Britain at the time. You have a beautiful country.
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    Trying to develop an eye for picking out nicer coins from the melt bin as I can usually have my pick of any 50% for only a bit over melt and found this 1944 English Reverse shilling I'm trying to determine the strike quality on this one, is it normal for the bottom part of the crown to appear "mushy" like it is on my coin? Or is this a particularly weak strike for the grade (unfortunately being based in the US, I rarely am able to see good quality English coins in person)
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    And there you have it. An equating of 'liberalism' with 'Marxism'. If that is really what you believe, then there's no arguing with you, as you're coming from a position that is demonstrably and provably false, despite certain sections of the American right holding it. As for deflecting culpability for the slave trade by putting all the blame on local tribal rulers ... yes, you can safely argue those rulers don't come out smelling of roses but you're not asking WHY they handed over rival tribesmen to the slavers : if the slavers hadn't rocked up on the West African coasts offering goodies in exchange for bodies, there wouldn't have been a slave trade in the first place. When you talk about modern Africa, e.g. the genocide in Rwanda, yes that was unspeakably awful, but what point are you making? That people of African origin commit crimes or even atrocities? Of course. Human nature good and bad doesn't change with skin colour. But when you look at the so-called civilised West, the preponderance of white on black violence dwarfs any other kind. And when you look at Africa, where is the generalised racial violence of black on white? Yes, it's there, but it isn't institutionalised as it is in America and, to a lesser extent, in Europe.
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    Have another go then.
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    I keep coming back to this one phrase and its obvious implications: "the 5:1 greater proportion of black criminals per capita, which is revealed in the relative prison populations of each demographic" This does nothing to support your claim of inherent racial criminality, it simply demonstrates the overwhelming racial bias that prevails within American policing. A black/Latino/Hispanic person is up to five times more likely to be stopped and questioned * than a Caucasian. The stop and search is used as a basis for Probable Cause further investigation. They are more likely to face a misdemeanour charge than a white person and if it goes to court the disparity in sentencing can be seen in the two attached links. https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/publications/racial-disparity-sentencing#:~:text=type of crime-,Key findings%3A,sentenced than similarly-situated whites. https://www.sentencingproject.org/publications/un-report-on-racial-disparities/ * this is a geographic variable, not simply South vs North
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    Don't worry Pete, I've never seen a video of a coin that was better than a photograph.
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    You can actually see the lower part of the E so I'd go for blocked die
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    That's a truly wonderful example. High grade and beautiful tone. And almost no contact marks! Can look at this all day!
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    Oh, and this 1827 1d. GVF detail, minimal corrosion, £175 delivered. Earlier this year.
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    I've posted these here before but they're probably worth dragging out again for this topic. Both last year. 1820 inverted 1 6d. GVF, £56. 1911, Gouby X, 1d. Fine, £1.50 inc. P&P.
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    I'd suffered a bad example of a 1948 3d for too many years - my 1946, 49, 50 and 51 were all better! - so when this UNC example turned up for (I think) £39 I just had to have it and my offer of £35 was accepted. It's actually better in hand than the pictures, being virtually BU.
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    1865 / 3 Satin 56c
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    Been doing a couple of pictures that i think look nice ,so thought i would share them. 1865