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    No worries, i still enjoyed reading that other discussion, and it looks a bit like the tail of a 9 (or small 9) on the Cp1858G imo, but more like part of a 1 or 7 to the right. Makes no sense, unless it is a double overstrike.
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    seconded - very interesting reading.
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    Sorry, I think I have been an idiot. The picture of the 1858 which Richard showed above is the same as the type pictured on MG's website which he names CP 1858 G. I now think that I have mistakenly given the link to the other forum, saying that it discussed this date variety, when in fact it was discussing another very similar, but DIFFERENT 1858 overdate...….. which is the one often seen paired with the re-cut large rose reverse variety. That date also has a distinct 1/1 whereas the CP 1858 G does not. Unfortunately the pictures on that discussion have now been removed as it was so long ago (2009). In an effort to try to redeem myself I show below the two different 1858 overdates, so we can again discuss 9/8's, 8/3's or whatever.
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    Another way to distinguishing this type I have noticed is by a couple of cracks running through the word VICTORIA , and as they appear on the top and bottom crack across the date type, and on the examples with the single crack running along the bottom of the date, it may be the case that the Victoria crack precedes the cracks through the date , and as such it may be a good feature to look out for in finding a very early example of this 8 over 2 type