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    Baby blue tits are just stupid fluffy lumps!
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    There were two in the bush worth just as much...
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    I See You Baby, Faking That Mass….
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    Nothing to do with individuals' viewpoints, but I'm not sure what useful function easylive provides in the case of '3'. Why would anybody place a commission bid through them with their fee on top compared to sending a list of commission bids directly to the auction house. When you employ a dealer or whoever to bid on your behalf who then charges a commission for any lots purchased, you can at least say that the lots have been viewed in advance by the dealer, who has acted on his reasoned opinion. Easylive are not providing this service.
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    I was crossing the road when I saw my worst enemy get run over. I thought "Blimey! That could have been me." Then remembered I can't drive.
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    He gets all the birds Don't tell his missus
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    I'm very jealous of your birds Blake. Even the stupid fluffy ones.
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    Trump is the archetypal narcissist and in good company along with most autocratic dictators that have ever existed. Putin, Erdogan, any number of leaders of former Russian areas, most South American and African countries, even this country. Politics or other forms of leadership breeds people who think highly of themselves - it is a real chicken and egg scenario. Confident people are rarely wrong (in their view). The masses should be grateful that he is only going to be President for one term or possibly two because the system is designed to ensure nobody can have an indefinite monopoly (that's a good thing) - unless he does a Putin, that is. His basic problem is that he seems to be in permanent campaign mode - and we all know that politicians say what they feel they need to say to be elected. Just treat it like any other soap opera on TV, i.e. something you switch off when the intro music comes on. We all have a big friendly off button on the remote.
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    The foam stretches a bit and so I think it is best to round down to the nearest mm. 38.61mm diameter £5 would go in 38mm. Then it would be a nice tight fit with no possible movement. However, it can be a tricky to get the coin in until you have some practice with using quadrums. My method is to put the crown on a flat surface such as a book. Position the foam so that the the bottom of the coin is in the hole.Then hold down two corners of the foam and stretch the top to get the whole coin in. You should be able to do this without touching the coin. You can then carefully flip the foam over with the coin still in. (Take care so that the coin does not drop out!) Then push the coin in position using a clean micro fibre cloth. Have a blower ready to blow away dust on the inside surfaces of the quad before closing it. (The inside of quads often needs a quick wipe with a mirco fibre cloth follow by dust removal with a blower). It's easier to get a crown into a 39mm quad of course but it won't be such a tight fitting.
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    Also found in 1856 where PT is large date and OT is small date. I believe that 1858/6 is always small date whereas 1858/3 (or 2), 1858/7 and 1858/? (Bramah 25c) are large date. 1858 small date exists without overdate.
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    heard one on Better Call Saul the other day: What have sperm and a lawyer got in common? One in three million has a chance of becoming a human being.
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    If I bid for anything live, I'll make sure I video it for evidence, in case of any funny business afterwards.
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    Trump isn't clever enough to realise how stupid he is.
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    I saw this on the BBC today and wanted to share it somewhere, so why not here as so many people are into photography as well as coins! New book out celebrating Jacques Henri Lartigue - a photographer in the early 20thC from an early age. Some lovely shots... https://www.bbc.com/news/in-pictures-52373308