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    That's understandable. I guess some people don't want to give their full name and address because of security reasons. A PO Box address should be relatively safe though.
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    Progressing my Charles I halfcrown type collection, just landed: Group IV Type 4 S. 2779 N. 2214 Hawkins 4 Bull 436/30 (this coin) wt 15.03g Provenance: Ex Emyr George Collection, bt Spink Auction 84 21/05/1991 Illustrated as the plate coin in The Halfcrowns of Charles I 436/30, page 377, Volume II
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    I went upstairs today, and had a look around. Good exercise, and it's nice to get out.
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    Thank you for that - I didn't realise it was that simple.
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    Seeing as the hammered sections floundering a bit i thought I'd post this one up. It's a class 1b2 coin of Henry II The moneyer is Ravl (Randulphus Frowik) at the London mint. It's slightly different than some coins as the obverse reads HENRIE instead of HENRIC. This error/spelling has been observed in coins of class 4 & 5 but not in a class 1 coin so is unique so far.
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    You cannot be serious.
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    Its quite something to have seen . The next transit of Venus will be in 2117 at 170 years old I think ill miss that one.
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    Can't beat the 'John McEnroe tenner'
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    Do you know the difference between Abu Dhabi residents and Dubai residents? People from Dubai don't like The Flintstones. People from Abu Dhabi do.
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    Just brought this and awaiting delivery. I guess grade is EF and good strike.
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    With all this extra time on our hands, why not post some music to share? I came across a couple of CDs by Ozric Tentacles the other day - very interesting to me - somewhere between prog and trance! This Youtube will play you the music - sadly no video to go with it:
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    if that was my definition of “superb” then I could toss my collection in the bin