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    Thank you for your comments to the forum. You need to look for the book ‘Numismatic Photography’ by Mark Goodman, this covers virtually every situation. It would set you back about £50, there are copies on Abe books and EBay, but mostly from the USA and Germany. You may also be able to make a digital download. Almost any decent digital camera and many phones can do the job, it’s all about the focus, lighting and repeatability but as I say, read the book or spend some time experimenting with the macro settings on your camera and some bright directional lighting at an angle across the coin and as close as practicable. Jerry
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    Its quite something to have seen . The next transit of Venus will be in 2117 at 170 years old I think ill miss that one.
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    You cannot be serious.
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    Can't beat the 'John McEnroe tenner'
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    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Four-Generations-Of-The-Remington-Typewriter/202945869303 Nothing wrong with the medal but the title made me laugh.