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    I just received my packet back from NGC. Here is the F164a after conservation and slabbing
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    You know me by now - I love bargain job lots! I picked up an album at an auction last week - mostly full of junk pre-decimal British coinage. (I bought mainly because the album was a good quality one, suitable for displaying better coins at market.) As well as reasonable 1953 and 1950 pennies in there (unspotted) was this 1860 in fairly decent condition. If I am reading @secret santa's website correctly this is F10, Obverse 2 reverse D, but actually the reverse is D* (with the heavy rockline above the LCW) and also has the sea not reaching the border to the left of the lighthouse. All in all a pleasing upgrade to my F10 with bonuses. Oh and it also shows the repaired A in Victoria...
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    Thanks both. Here are my pics of it, I'll be leaving all the wax where it is
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    and the reverse
  5. 2 points
    Top 'First Step' advice there, Peck!!!! It's a must. I dip into it surprisingly often.
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    Nice one. 😋 Pity about the slab...
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    That's because 40 or 50 years ago you could spend a couple hours on the beach and virtually guarantee a three figure haul. All the neighbours used to receive some foc. Those days have effectively gone, with typical catches of a handful to a few dozen caught on the odd occasion now in the same timeframe. They go in the freezer.