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    Oz is welcome to all this rain we have had this year.......I am totally sick of it........September- feb rain rain rain
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    I'm very pleased to say I managed to get another F176 for a very reasonable price. This time a CGS slabbed one. Not previously unknown, it's No 9 on Richard's rarest pennies site. I don't actually need two, and my other one is slightly better than this, so I might well put it up for possible bids at the June LCA. Although if anybody on here does happen to want it (who hasn't already got one), they've got first refusal.
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    Indeed, and even more weird is the 2019 Kew from Westminster, blue carded and cheapish .. selling fore 20-25 quid to eejits on ebay. Why don't they got to westminster and buy their own lol.