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    I have known about this find since the police first took an interest several years ago, the finders were members of several South Wales detecting clubs including mine, and though I do not know them personally I know a lot about them through friends. Powell is said to be a nasty piece of work, he has been to prison before and has a bad reputation regarding drugs etc. Layton is easily led, but has previously worked well with the FLO in Cardiff and posted a number of coins from the hoard on various forums before suddenly claiming he had found they were all fakes, and ending the conversation. I suspect Powell got at him. I think left to his own devices, Layton would have seen sense. Wicks, the dealer from Sussex, is a long term dealer in fake coins and artefacts on EBay under various guises. Paul Wells I know well, a likeable man who was very stupid. I have heard his side of the story several times at Numismatic Society. I think the judge got it right with Powell and Wicks, and Layton and Paul Wells were foolish be led. The finders would probably have done very well had they abided by the law, they had the tenant farmers permission though not the landowners; that occasionally happens, and does not usually affect the Treasure Act payment to the finders if they were acting in good faith, though it might have left them open to private prosecution. Either way they all deserve their significant sentences for the damage they have done to the hobby of metal detecting and the reputation of coin dealers and purchasers. Jerry
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    Latest Viccy YH sixpence acquisition
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