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    Late 1960s: I found this in the street.
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    As I think I said earlier, the last one I have is Feb 1992. I've never seen anything newer. A few years ago, I knew a lady who used to proof read for the magazine, but sadly she couldn't help either.
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    A new addition to my unofficial farthing collection, the "T.B." farthing of Bolton, Lancashire, minted by Taylor and Galloway in Bolton, probably for Thomas Bridson, dyer and bleacher. W1100 - listed as "RRR". This specimen ex-Brian Dawson I know of the definite existence of two other examples - the Withers plate coin, and another sold in DNW's British Tokens sale in December 2015 (Lot 446) - if anyone here has one, or knows of others, please do let me know !
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    Your taps must be made of pretty hard metal!
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    A "welcome " garden visitor? A huntsman spider, a medium sized one as they can get much bigger but their venom is not dangerous although they can inflict a painful bite.
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    Archie Piscopal ran a pub in Dulwich in the 1980's if I remember correctly...
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    That is soooo good!!
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