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  1. 3 points
    Bought at Heritage, MS65RD, to complete my George V type set.
  2. 2 points
    Hi all. Thought I would share this little Gem with you. This coin was the start of 30 odd years of Treasure Hunting. Only found one more Celtic coin in all that time. Beautiful coin.
  3. 1 point
    The Waterboard collection (sorry, I thought I'd crack that lame joke before anyone else did!) is now on Spink's website. Some die number/die letter Victorian bronze but mainly gold and silver. Nice to look at and many fantastic coins! Many are in Waterbird-customised slabs, which is the main attraction of course. I notice the collector (Al Batross?) bought a few items from Mark Rasmussen's Noad list but they haven't mentioned the modern provenance of these pieces for some reason, only the old ones. This is a habit some auction houses are forming.
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    I decided for both Edward VII and George V to build a type set with an example of each denomination. However, they are not date dependent. Edward VII is complete and, now, so is George V. This does not preclude me buying better examples to upgrade, however. For George V I have a complete date run of sixpences but I'm trying to improve the quality of that. I'm also working on a George V date run of pennies, shillings and half crowns but only when the right opportunity shows up. I only really want higher grade coins and at the right price, of course. 😀 My focus will continue to be sixpences but the gaps are fewer now and harder to fill. So I'm branching out into some other areas.
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    Yes Asda, i think you are correct. I can see traces of unbracketed serifs which replicate the form of the overstruck ‘I’. thanks
  6. 1 point
    Received this 1891 florin today. A coin I have been waiting a long time to find. The toning is a bit uneven but I do not think it warrants any cleaning at this stage. Overall a very nice rare coin that I obtained at a very reasonable price.
  7. 1 point
    Hello, Here's an interesting oddment which I spotted this morning. Has anyone seen one before? There is an overstrike error I/(?) in BRITANNIARUM and it is not mentioned in ESC or Davies. May have been given a light clean at some time, not sure, and also not mentioned by the seller. I'll be able to judge better when in hand. (Sold as AU but it looks a higher grade to me). Thanks.
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    Scotland, William II bawbee 1696, pellet stops on obverse, annulet stops on reverse (Spink 5692). First problem free one of these I've seen offered for sale, ignoring the massive flan flaw !