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    Just received this today all the way from the United States of America. Big Hat Off to Pete for pointing me towards it. Very good price.
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    Purchase these coins in Canada for around 62 pounds ($100 CAD). Shillings: 1711 Queen Anne shilling. 1745 King George II shilling. 1787 King George III shilling. Half Crown: 1697 William III half crown.
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    Yes, it’s a decent example. I had spotted it too a couple of weeks ago- I think it did a complete cycle without a bite- but as I have a better example and am SKINT I left it. It was very good of Pete to think of another member here, HAT OFF Pete well done. Jerry
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    From the title I though you were flying to oz
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    That's a nice issue free specimen, Ian. The F106 is scarce. Mine is ex Michael Freeman, VF, but not quite as nice as yours.
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    Roll on york for the bargains LOL
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