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    Don't panic Richard, you have had these thoughts before. The market for high grade pennies, especially high grade rarities is always on the up. Anyhow, what would you do with the money ? stash it in the bank at 1.5% interest. Selling would give you more time to watch the adverts on the telly !!
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    There's one like that for crows and vultures: KEEP CALM AND CARRION
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    Like the stock market the numismatic market has cyclical ups and downs, and by virtue of their size , design and available literature pennies will always be amongst the more collected. Like stocks and shares you have to look at the long term. I have no intention of disposing of my collection, indeed a downturn is a buying opportunity. Just buy at the right prices and items that have lasting appeal to you and make sure your family know who to speak to when you pop your clogs, they will likely be pleased and you won’t care! Jerry
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    There has been a softening in the Penny market for some years now...(I exclude the super rareities ..1808 , 1933, 1937 (Ed 8), 1952, 1954) which would probably still attract 'investors' but yer normal pennies have not done that well in recent years ...look at the prices of high grade 1869's 1871's, 1865/3's for example...half what they were at their height and nowhere near where they were even 5 years ago. Unfortunately and this is a personal view that Pennies are going the same way as stamps (perhaps not quite as bad but in the same vein). Most collectors of Pennies and Stamps are in the older age bracket, when they/we die there is no young blood to replace them ....who under 50 - 60 collect stamps or Pennies.. and where are the young collectors?. Go to the York Coin and Stamp fair for example and have a look around the Stamp floor and you will see all the evidence you need. Are any of our children remotely interested in stamps or pennies or coins come to that. Having said that as much as we poo poo these ridiculous coins coming out every day from that well known marketing company , the Royal Mint, these Jemmima Puddleduck, Thomas the Tank Engine and Andy Pandy coins or whatever, are encouraging people to look and collect again and hopefully some will start collecting more historical coins.....just like tea is a gateway drug to biscuits , Jemmima Puddleduck could be a gateway to Pennies ! My view for what its worth.
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    The raised edge proof is also known as the pattern proof. I remember reading somewhere that only the incuse edge versions were considered to be legal tender.
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    OK, it's not that funny, but was worth buying.......
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    If you send me a PM with your email address i am happy to send you large pictures before it was slabbed ,if it helps.This may at least help to confirm if it was the same coin as sorry i dont have a clue about them. Pete.
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    This is the Edinburgh to Kings Cross journey - over 4 hours long!
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    I had mentally corrected the list you put up and was looking for images of each obv & rev. Now the errors are put into perspective it is clear that you can refine the pairs to six categories as follows- obverse/reverse obverse/obverse reverse/reverse obverse uniface reverse uniface blank metal disc The last is the commonest variety.
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    Well I feel pretty stupid in the cold light of morning; not only did I not find Appendix III of Freeman, I also realised that I spent most of yesterday afternoon trying to match Freeman Halfpennies to Peck Pennies. Dearie me....