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    I’ve got a couple of mint cupronickel and one copper coin that have been in these flips for around 10 years without change. I’ve never found any issues with the many hundreds I’ve used over the years either, I personally think they’re superb. One thing I have always been obsessive about however is cleaning the coins with pure acetone before sealing them up. For anyone who has ever run a soaked cotton bud around the outside rim of a coin to remove the gunk of a thousand careful fingers, you will already know the kind of residues you are locking away with your coins. This incidentally has always been one of my main issues with slabbing. I have broken out and ‘cleaned’ slabbed coins that have left cotton buds looking like they’ve been picked up off the floor of a garage.
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    Over the last few months I have been recording my collection. Shortly before leaving my previous employer I had put my entire collection under the inspection microscope and photographed them. Although the resolutuion is great the end results have been mixed in that the colours have come out understated and many of the proofs show a flat field where it should be mirrored. Another problem has been that some coins have taken a purple ting which I believe is a fault on the file saving process. Anyway I was made redundent so I'm unable to repeat any of the picture. Anyway for what it's worth here it is. https://onedrive.live.com/?id=943941AD323D5647!135&cid=943941AD323D5647
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    Ok Im back - here’s a recent copper Ive acquired...Denton’s Swan Penny from Gahlin Collection (ex Dudman collection 1901) and 24 grams! sorry about the image framing😬
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    Yes I much prefer an altered day that's had a bit of love put into it than a chinese fake.
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    I used turbocad for the grid then saved a a jpg.
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    This is my 1 and only encased farthing 1907 Advertising farthing 1873 The Hutchinson Brothers 'Universal' stores' were a very well known company in 1906 They operated 3 Auckland stores one at the corner of Custom St West / Queen street and the others at Ponsonby and Newmarket. They were Grocers and General supply sellers.
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    Lovely quality there, Gary. There are plenty in your collection that I would happily give a good home to!
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    A great example of ghosting.
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    ... and this after retoning to some extent: Not perfect but a lot better than it was!
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    Hi, Yes it is a farthing of Edward I mint of London, Stewartby type B
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    Something a bit different. 1828 two pounds reverse uniface in copper.