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    Actually, that's a little bit of a security hole that I've just fixed! Guests were able to start topics within the technical support area and were allowed to reply to stuff elsewhere. Guests can no longer post anywhere and for the last couple of months I manually approve every new member. I did not approve Andeson because his email address looked odd and his IP is from Bangladesh, which is more well known for its spamming bots than it is for collectors of British coins!
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    B&C Collector is Gary Schindler, from New York. He has about every variety of Victorian Copper/Bronze know to man! LOL.
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    Sorry Mike i dont even know anyone called Gary 😂 my heads whirling with the medication. He just opened at £700 , the hammer went down and the auctioneer said " Hat off Mike "
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    Well done Mike. Someone I know checked out the F6A and assures me it's not proof.
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    Actually my new theory on the coppery coloured 20p's (they seem to occur a lot more for the 20p than any other current denomination) is improper annealing causing the atoms to migrate. First proposed in the USA by Mr Diamond, who really knows error coins. More info here: http://www.error-ref.com/improper-annealing/ These days the RM also charge £20 to look at coins, so no longer worth doing for minor things like this.
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    I have the whole lot photographed direct from a copy Dyer let me borrow and have both articles as well. There are other £2 pieces not mentioned notably the one with concave milling London Coins 6th. Aug 2010 auction 129 lot 1993. ex Davies. I have not worked out how to do a private messages so will not put details here.
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    My own humble contribution….