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    It's 1** + C from a known pairing of working dies (British Numismatic Journal vol. 87, page 197)... Best Regards, InforaPenny
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    I lit a portable bbq in ainsdale sands a week ago - I did take home the remains though as I thought it rude to just shove it in a bin in ainsdale . So not guilty m'lord
  3. 1 point
    Looks as though it has been dipped . It might be bright and shiny , but it is a very unattractive coin .
  4. 1 point
    Diaconis, You are correct in that it is not Freeman Obv 1. It is instead a rare 'early obverse' pattern type that was rejected by Queen Victoria on 4 July 1860, but had already been used in some trial coining runs at the Royal Mint. Fortunately for us bronze penny variety collectors, these were not destroyed but were later released for circulation. Best Regards, InforaPenny
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    Yes, clearly A+c - the long stem on the shamrock is clear and definitely reverse c from the shield/cross details. Satin 2 - Very rare die pairing ! This will be only the 3rd example on my rarest website.
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    Their careers have followed almost parallel paths, although they are very different characters.
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    Anyone who is still in deserves to be ,we are regardless of the team that we have or past form and results.We have only lost one game in over twelve months and Southgate is not spoilt for choice with who he can pick a squad from out of the premier league ,all the others are playing for other countries.People are having ago at them even before they have been knocked out .We win a couple and people dont think its good enough ,we lose one with a weakened team and the result did not matter its not good enough,we dont win and its not good enough. Some people wont be happy even if we win on Tuesday........Well to those people Bollocks . Either way COME ON ENGLAND.................