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    I have read this thread with great interest and many points are very valid regarding Baldwins website and prices etc. I inherited many coins with high costs when I started at Baldwins last year and was in many instances amazed at what the previous team had paid for items. It is my intention to go through the coins on the website and try and reduce where I can the prices to a more sensible level. It is just a matter of getting the time but I will slowly get it done. With regard to the website, again I agree completely, we have changed it once this year as a temporary fix but it is far from perfect. Over the next 2-3 months we will be changing the website again and making it far more user friendly. With regard to some of the higher priced items, I would always consider giving a generous discount to clear some of these high priced items.
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    It is definitely a priority and there will be changes for the better!! Will definitely keep you all informed!!!
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    Report item >> Prohibited and restricted items >> Stamps, currency and coins >> Replica coins, replica paper money, and replica stamps
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    Strange the guy that is selling the other fakes the coin on the right doesn't show an obverse on his sale. Yeah I think I know for what reason . I reported the first guy for fraudulent listing practices. Although the correct terminology for what you want to report isn't in the sub menu's. I wonder why? Ebay know there are fakes why isn't this in the report boxes.?Like "Do you believe an item to be suspicious or a fake". Not the one I had to choose "Seller is selling somebody else's goods" . No option to choose anything else. Incidentally this has really annoyed me this guy has sold 751 fake kews @ £119.Read what he guarantees about his coins it is laughable . Never a front picture of the queen and all stock pics are lifted from other websites https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Various-Rare-Commemorative-Coin-Hunt-50p-2-Kew-Gardens-WWF-Olympics-Beatrix/222532435246
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    Yes, i,ve even seen them described as genuine silver proof copies...really?? I,ve reported the perpetrator. ?
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    Everything he sells is a metal detecting find. He's still trying to flog that pencil drawing of Michael Owen which he dug up! ?
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    ....Maybe he thought it was from the battle of Hastings when he dug it up. ??????
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    This is a very strange metal-detecting find - and they're in a folder as well!
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    Doesn't he just mean "50 pence pieces"
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    Thanks for responding to the thread and do keep us informed of progress. As a collector, I want to see top quality dealers out there who are easy and fair to work with so I really do hope that you pull Baldwins around.
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    Another little cracker SE 1940 Penny
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    Thanks Mike - fascinating and very relevant to numismatics !
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    Pareidolia is the phenemenon of seeing an image of something, from an otherwise completely random arrangement. For example seeing faces in clouds. Here is an example of pareidolia in wood. You can see a dog's face, ears and front legs, which has been created unintentionally by the random arrangement of the grain. Incidentally, the Welsh for pareidoila is also pareidolia. Some religious people think they've seen Jesus Christ !!!
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    John short cross penny Ilger London Class 5c
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    Fair point. Another possibility could be that something fell onto the die and was sandwiched between the die and the planchet. The stamping process took place and the coin was then ejected into the next step. The piece of something either remained on the die or fell out the coin leaving the recess. We would see the imprint of the head and lettering through the recess.
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    My latest acquisition, mirrored brockage........very pleased with this one
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    an upgrade for the collection .pity about the carbon spots ,but the price was decent
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    I bought this one yesterday to my local dealer. I couldn't resist the toning!
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    Latest purchase and awaiting delivery. A very common date but I do like the obverse strike. I am inclined to think that it is very difficult to get a fully struck reverse with 1923. Graded as BU by seller.