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    Probobally my best coin so far received today - George III 1785 Fourth Head Guinea, extremely hard to find in this grade at the moment
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    Lol, no it doesn't really, as most people would know who collect copper/bronze that it has been cleaned
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    Ha, ha. I was trying to be diplomatic earlier but I'm afraid Stu is absolutely right, the coin has been polished to buggery (to use the technical term). I'm afraid the same goes for your 'rainbow toned' 1822 farthing which, IMHO is even worse. Sorry Dec. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rainbow-toned-1822-George-IIII-Farthing-Lots2-/172830633663?hash=item283d822ebf:g:p0UAAOSwOTVZmwsR