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    Just to let you know I've hidden your slightly over the top post Prep ( and I'm afraid 1949's quote of it). I appreciate some members have a blunt way of putting things that isn't too everyone's taste but I feel the response was a bit disproportionate. That aside this thread seems useful, particularly the discussions about cleaning, so if everyone has calmed down, feel free to carry on...
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    I don't often get wound up but when I do fur will fly. Lets get back to coins and apologies to anyone I have offended. The sane Peter is back.
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    I don't have any concerns and indeed I imagine they are lovely in top condition. Unfortunately when I get them they are less so. I do have another one which unfortunately is in slightly worse condition. They were part of a small purse loss now going through the treasure process. Lost after 1560/1 as the 2 Elizabeth are both Martlett so 2nd issue. I get a lot of Elizabeth, the odd Mary and some Edward VI / Herny VIII post.
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    Some absolutely amazing pennies. Best LCA for pennies for some time. Literally spoilt for choice. This is the time when you need loadsamoney !!!!
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    Not sure about a halfcrown, but I know that on pennies there has to be weight loss as the coin becomes very worn. It's certainly very obvious that they are much thinner than their non worn contemporaries. Although I've never weighed any.
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    There seems to be a massive difference between the 1915's and the 1914's, especially on the ear. If I could find a 14 with an obverse like that I would be a happy man
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    I have never seen so many rarities offered in one auction! Looks like the penny boys will be going broke on this one!
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    Just got this one today. Starting to push back my collection into the 19th Century
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    Loadsapennies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    hi...thanks mrbad....so would you yourself clean for instance the 1902 crown with acetone and cotton bud? and peter....you either didnt bother reading my post or if you did youve disregarded every important point in it. in either case your reply is.....aaaargh.....bite ya lip prep. out of respect to chris, pwa, mr. cat full o'sixpences and wildcamper and the guys who've taken the time to reply so far i'll bite me lip.... but do me a favour mate....dont 'contribute' on here again please. thankyou! p