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    I know lol. His credentials are as phoney as his coins. He's got multiple accounts. Its the same rubbish coming from the same region of spain. Apart from the negative feedback I'd hazard a guess the rest is fake feedback.
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    Interestingly, apart from all the TPG logos, he claims to be a life member of the ANA and to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The latter a strictly US organisation.
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    It wasn't a dig at Atlas as without doubt they have some beautiful coins, more so PCGS for grading it MS66+.
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    If you look at EBay's listing policies it stipulates that a copy should be clearly identified. In practical terms that means that copy or reproduction should be stamped into the coin when it was made. Although not the full answer to forgeries however it would stop people buying copies such as the 1903 halfcrown in the hyperlink and relisting it as genuine. I was under the impression this was the case in the US and should be the same in the UK. Of course there will always be dishonest people trying to pass off high quality forgeries of rare coins such as the 1905 halfcrown which can only be countered by forums such as this keeping a resource of known examples. It has to be said copies of coins reduce buyer's confidence and from personal experience I have been reluctant to bid on George III & IV, and early Victoria halfcrowns because of the number of forgeries. They may be easy to detect in hand but from a photo in an ebay listing is another matter. The Edward VII and Victorian veiled head halfcrowns are much easier to detect as they are very poor copies
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    I have bought three or four coins from Atlas. First, they are not always more expensive than coins at auction and especially when the buyers premium is taken into account. Second, the service is outstanding in my experience. The coins I have bought have always lived up to, or exceeded, expectations. It is like everything, you have to look at it on a coin by coin basis.
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    Yes, this is Atlas - he at least doubles the price he pays & then lets buyers "offer" him down a couple percentages. My goodness, he is "creative" on the pricing schema but does take offers. Never bought anything from him. He does seem to have a very high budget for auction purchases and is running up many of the non-gold items both in USA and UK. Evidently it is the Japanese that are collectively running up the 19th C. proof sets and gold, esp. 19th C.
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    I was about to say the same thing. 1933 pennies seem to be acceptable depsite being copies and the same goes for a 1952 penny or anything Edward VIII. The best thing that most people could do is buy some examples on a regular basis so they know what copies are out there and can identify the individual characteristics. When they come from China delivered for a quid each or sometimes less, the knowledge gained far outweighs any arguments that it is money wasted. It's far cheaper than paying tens or hundreds of pounds for a dodgy piece.
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    When you say honest i dont think the seller is doing anything wrong personally. There are loads of them (fake coins) and readily available ,unfortunately its the people who resell them as genuine that are the problem and they will always find them. Not every collector wants to spend alot of money on the genuine coin so maybe fills a gap with a copy. If its who i think it is he has been or was a dealer for years and if not there are boxes of decimal sets turn up regular so nothing untoward there. Only my opinion Pete.
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    It certainly was not a 1911 obverse as it has the small head portrait found on 1928 to 1936 coins . Terry
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    At the risk of repetition, it is only a 63 because grading consistency is aspirational in name only. You need to remove the human input and work out a system that can measure wear without prejudice or sentiment.
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