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    Absolutely delighted with this 1930 George V Small Head Penny, many thanks @Rob
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    Hi I have just looked on eBay to check the outside diameter of the Quadrum Capsules and it states: Capsule size: 50 x 50 x 6.25mm (2 x 2 x ¼’’) The squares will take 2" x 2" so yes they will fit the capsules.
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    This is the second a Elizabeth II 1959 half penny with lamination error.
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    FORD - Fix Or Repair Daily FORD - Found On Road Dead
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    Here is a pic of the F79 I bought from Guy (The Coinery), now jailbroken from the slab. Grade on the CGS slab was EF70, about MS60-61 on the Sheldon scale. Very pleased.
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    My first acquisition of 2017 - and probably my last for a few months as it's cleaned me out post Christmas - is an 1862 F41, from halfpenny dies. Bought Colin Cooke, ex Andy Scott. Straight fine with all major details intact. Been trying to a reasonable specimen for years. Finally succeeded. Most of the others I've seen on offer have been washers or not much better.