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    This one has been on eBay for quite a while - slowing moving from something like £120 down to just below £40 when I decided I didn't want to see it in my watch list any longer... Very nice condition for a contemporary counterfeit and a new die pair for the collection.
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    Just as i posted i had a PM to buy it Anyway going to someone who is good as gold
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    Edited just in case. Better safe than sorry.
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    Thank you. What was the year and month for that Coin Monthly?
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    A few recent none British purchases:
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    5 pesetas. Cayón 17647, 1898 Madrid SGV 18*98 Bad knock at 12 o'clock which helped me getting it at a very, very satisfying price.
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    been looking at the new ones, not sure if my eyes are deceiving me but the JC on the 2015 seems to be slightly smaller then the 2016. might be nothing, but if there is a crossover...
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    Monaco Ludovico I Grimaldi (1662-1701). Luigino 1665 Draped bust l. R/ Crowned arms. CNI 20; Cammarano 268