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    The website is currently being changed, this would be the new classification. On the old system it would be a 1A
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    As previously indicated it looks to be the "normal" variety Obverse 3 Reverse B
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    I don't have an issue with the ruling, nor the body that made it. The Supreme Court is there for a good reason and sometimes they make judgments that people don't like - something that is inevitable when opinions are divided as is manifestly the case. They have stated that it has no bearing on the referendum result and this is as it should be. Brexit or not is not the preserve of 11 men and women. My gripe is with the politicians who are arguing for a debate and amendments to suit themselves on the grounds that it is a subject that needs to be debated properly because the public didn't understand or consider the arguments. I concur with the first part, however, they had a year to debate this properly in advance of the referendum and chose instead to involve themselves in peurile yah-boo politics without addressing the topic and the important issues arising, presumably on the assumption that the outcome was foreseen. That debate was held across the country by the very people they deem to be unsuited to make decisions. Not for the first time it is our elected politicians who have abrogated their position of responsibility to put forward reasoned arguments for voting one way or the other.
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    PLEASE DO NOT RUB! Acetone will not remove oxidized fingerprints but will remove the grease and oils from skin/prints that have recently touched the surface. A quick exposure to acetone (I use Walmart over here in the States) of 100% purity is mandatory - not nail polish. You may see in other posts that people LEAVE coins in acetone; I do not suggest that, but rather use of the cotton bud or nap of the clean white cotton towel to tamp the surface of the coin. This method has never left any objectionable problems to even extremely valuable proofs like VIP Record proofs...
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    So the instruction "Not to be sold on ebay" should be stamped on the coins - it would be clear enough them ,LOL
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    Don't get me wrong Rob, i'm not taring all dealers with the same brush, but those that engage with me are those I buy from. I'm probably guilty of saying "I'm just browsing" usually when I'm looking at stuff I'm not that interested in and wouldn't want to take up a dealers time when he/she could be talking to a "real customer". but I do wonder if playing it cool and not showing interest stems from all those antique shows on TV? Manning a show, especially a two day one, must be mind numbing at times but there are a core of dealers who are far more interested in their laptops, papers or chatting among themselves than serving their potential customers. If I ever make Wakefield I'll be sure to introduce myself Ian..
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    That second one doesn't even remotely look beaded...bad day at the office
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    In Heritage's (www.HA.com) December auction, they have on page 8 of the auction, two 1860 Farthings (both slabbed by NGC) as TB/BB. The first one is VF, and is correctly attributed. The second one, MS63BN, is also slabbed as a TB/BB is incorrectly attributed...it is a TB/TB...and both were slabbed by the same company! It happens all the time here. Buyer beware.
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    Quite a few 1860 toothed border bronzes can appear like beads in certain areas. But they are teeth, not beads. To be a beaded border, the beads would have to go all the way round, 360. Even if the other side was toothed, making it a mule. You don't get part mule/part tooth on one side.
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    Which probably stems from the spat with PCGS a few years ago on this forum attributing one as a mule.