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    Not posted recently because I've not bought anything. And although I did pick this up, I've found it difficult to get a representative photo so I've had to use the seller's. Although it looks a uniform grey in the pic, it's actually a bright silver with mirror like fields. Ex Middleham hoard (1993) Spink 2789, Sharp D2/1 The second pic - which is the best I can do at present, but doesn't really represent it well - is in case anyone was curious. You'll just have to trust me, it's a nice coin in the hand ...
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    What does everyone think about this Aethelred penny. It sort of looks too perfect for a coin of its age. Is it real or is it a modern fake?
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    Bob thats interesting about Semra. A warning to us all whilst on our exotic adventures ie to steer clear of tainted,fiery soup.
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    Thanks for the advice I have ordered the book recommended and a Magnifying glass as well.
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    I can see what your saying Jerry, but again harping back to the 1904, just look at the difference in the 4's. There are definately slightly differing numbers being used. I also noted what Scot was saying above. There is definitely variants out there that are overlooked or not taken as seriously as others. I will admit as above that where there has been a larger design change it obviously makes the coin more desirable as a variant, but there are also variants which I think merit more research and acclaim. There must be people who think the same as the price Steve got for his 1904 "4 to a tooth" was a healthy respectable one, taking into consideration the condition, etc....
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    A few comments / observations from me, some of which are purely a reaction to your current spending spree! Have you bought a book on basic grading yet? By far the best / simplest is this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/Standard-Guide-Grading-British-Coins/dp/0948964561/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1468273444&sr=1-1&keywords=grading+coins None of these are UNC, so don't go by price guides for UNC, at or around EF looks more likely from the pics (even less in some cases perhaps) You have 14 days to return them for a full refund, whatever the listing states. Ebay will back the buyer in any dispute over that, for distance selling BINs (it's the law) I would want better / bigger pics of each coin when spending the sort of money involved here There maybe under 3 hours left on this listing, but in all probability it will be unsold and relisted (Nearly) every coin / coin lot has a value worth paying, if you got them all for a tenner then that's obviously a bargain, £550 is obviously too much. What is their counter-offer? I hope that helps a bit! Personally - avoid and move on Rob is a recommended dealer and his coins I always find to be accurately graded http://www.rpcoins.co.uk/
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    The uniformity of colour suggests they have been dipped or cleaned in some way, and the absence of fine veil detail says there isn't a single uncirculated coin amongst them. Yet again, the number of genuinely uncirculated coins is a very small percentage of the total available. Yes, they should be desirable simply on rarity alone, but less than uncirculated deserve better acceptance than is currently the fashion. Historically people used to collect in all grades, but grade inflation has helped many people to assume that only high grade is good, and that low grade is the new high grade.
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    Looks fine to me! Interesting pellet in the moneyer's name, though. Not often you see these so centrally struck, here's another one where the pictures could be fooling.
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    Unfortunately not, but is a nice example of die fill.
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    You might get a couple quid on eBay, but they occur so frequently that there is no real demand. The thing is, it isn't a variety, just a random error.
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    They're telling us something most already knew, so to solve the problem, shut the website down and bury the heads in the sand until it all goes away
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    Have a pound coin that's date doesn't match when it was supposed to be made ? It'll be a fake. Does the edge inscription look a bit dodgy ? It could be fake. Feels heavy ? Too Shiny ? Lacks detail ? It could be fake. There's also information on : The Fake Kew Gardens 50p, The Fake Undated 20p, The Fake Carded Olympic 50p's and a large selection of fake £2's (Including the 2016 Shakespeare Tragedy & the mysterious 2011 I LOVE U LANI coin) Plus a selection of old coins, from Greek/Roman right through to George V (Contemporary and modern) and a few non-uk coins too. www.TheFakePoundCoinDatabase.co.uk
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    no new management in place yet i was told They apparanetly "cant cope with the demand of grading and running an auction every 3 months"
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    Thank God Leadsom's quit !
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    That is honest Pete.After Mrs Peter passed a drink was an easy option. We always had wine with dinner and putting a case of wine in the weekly shop was automatic. When she died many nights I drank myself to sleep.At Xmas my mother made a comment and she didn't buy me my compulsory malt. That hit hard so I decided to give myself a kick up the rear. I haven't touched a drop since. I do still love a cigar rolled on a virgins inner thigh though.
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    All as i have seen in the Midlands for years is the Standing on the shoulders of giants (standard one) and i would have noticed if i had a different style of coin. Be on the look out for fakes http://ukfakeanderrorcoins.50webs.com/OTHERS.HTML Dave