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    This of interest to any of you? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GB-ERROR-2-PENCE-1997-COPPER-UNC-201C-BY-COINMOUNTAIN-/371554890818
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    I would say it was a detecting find, except that the un-etched areas are too nice to have been under the earth. It must have somehow been unknowingly exposed to moisture, or some chemical while being stored. .
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    Yes, I had an e mail from LCA today headed up "The David Reissner collection of pennies" - for a brief moment I thought it was a different collection to the Elstree. .
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    I desperately want to stop buying modern coins or even collecting them from change - but you know how it is, seeing them brings on the itch and 10-12 coins down the track you can't stop. What a lot of garbage when you oversee the result!!! By the way Chris, I don't dispute other itch-for Kylie, it's just another form of collecting!
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    It's another of those hammered pennies people here go on about.
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    I got burned when I sold my first collection to buy my first computer ( a Sinclair, it was that long ago!) I had ammassed a great collection of early Victorian & Edward VII silver from Malta, mostly EF, where it was in circulation at the time. I also had a number of Saxon and Norman pennies that I'd give my eye teeth for now. The money only just covered the cost of the computer, which, although well used in learning programming, never lived up to the quality of the collection lost.