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    Yes regularly, and it's getting harder to find 'old' 10p pieces in bags now, let alone 1992. Last time I got £50 worth, walked home with them in my pockets without checking there and then weighing down my jacket, only to find they were all newly minted 2015s!!!
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    I would say it's been done by someone after striking. The rims are curled up both sides (as it is on the obverse) before striking but there is no rim present on the blank side. It's not uncommon, and was probably a shove halfpenny. Have a look here.
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    Couple of dates I already had but these are decent upgrades:
  4. 1 point
    Acquired this week Swapped for a UNC 1876 h wide date, PCGS 1873 MS 65 RB and a PCGS 1866 65 RB Provenance : Spink Sep 2015 10056 Lot 537 (around £1200 with premium) and ex Ashman (?)
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    Welcome Johnny, This is a sought after coin and as it only occurred in sets, both the Martini and Heinz, I think most collectors would prefer to purchase the set rather than an odd coin. Ian..
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    You won't regret buying this 1926 ME Pete - collectors need the odd beautiful coin to treasure, look at, show off etc. Much better than lying on a beach in the sun for 2 weeks and then coming back to a cold winter and diet a few thousand pounds poorer with nothing to show for it.
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    Welcome BigJohnny. I think there are perhaps two ways in which you can stop without having to shuffle off your mortal coil: 1. Needing to spend your discretionary (coin) cash on something else - e.g. moving house, changing your car, family changes, or by being out of work (like me at the moment) 2. Setting yourself a simple-ish collecting goal, completing it, and then resisting the temptation to set another. Possible, but good luck with that one In reality I think most people either have the collecting gene or they don't. The more time you spend on here, not only the more you learn, but you also see pictures of some lovely coins that sparks a desire to save up for something similar yourself!
  8. 1 point
    I'd agree with Rob, it being sealed inside the pack will be much better than it being slabbed. Send it to the RM.
  9. 1 point
    Why would you get it slabbed? Unless you have a suspicion that it isn't genuine, authentication is not necessary, and in any case the TPGs don't get it right all of the time. If you really want it authenticated then send it to the Royal Mint. Slabbing may or may not improve its value. I suspect that with 2p pieces not often collected, the fact that it is in the original packing would help. Personally, I wouldn't break it out.
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    This is probably not the best site to ask how to stop collecting coins! For many it'a a life-long obsession, I'm 8 years in and now am only interested in higher grade, mainly English, pre-decimals
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    Bought some old coins on ebay cheap in October 2015 as they were mis-listed, so got them cheap and now have about 2000-3000 coins, i think i'm mad. How does one attempt to stop collecting coins? lol or is it one of those things you don't stop till you've taken your final breathe?
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    Well some lunatic bought the 1926
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    Oh for gods sake!!!! That's the second time I've made a 'typo' this week on here. Could someone kindly edit the thread title please? Thanks for the heads up.