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    Got myself a George V third farthing last week:
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    I'm on my cell phone, so I'm dealing with small images, but it sure looks like a 1* obverse to me...
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    Don't forget the 1999 normal reverse £2. They made a huge amount of them, but as it wasn't included in the 1999 BU set it's very difficult to find in top grade.
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    By "retro" I'm referring to the "Patina collection."
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    I hate external links like the plague (what good is a forum if you can't upload pictures directly into a post?) At the risk of repeating myself for the umpteenth time (and for the umpteenth time, Chris, WHY DON'T YOU ALLOW ME TO SET UP A 'STICKY' ON THIS???) - to get your picture within the 150k limit : 1. reduce its size to around 600x600 pixels; despite some of the 'dinner plates' that abound here, that's perfectly adequate to see a coin's finer details 2. reduce its resolution to 72 ppi (that's the resolution of a computer monitor; anything more is just wasted) 3. save it as a JPEG and compress it when you save, e.g. to Photoshop's 7/12 setting (or 'Medium') It should fit into 150k, though you might need to post the obverse and reverse in consecutive posts.